WQW Triangle Traffic Management Plan Update February 2016

Over the last several years, the West Queen West triangle neighbourhood has undergone a substantial amount of change.  As a result of all the new development in the triangle, many new residents, businesses and community organizations have moved in and made this neighbourhood their new home.  

The extensive development in the area has had a significant impact on the amount of traffic in the triangle.  This added traffic has made travel for pedestrians, cyclists and even motorists less safe.  In response, I have been working together with residents and City staff on a comprehensive traffic management plan to make the neighbourhood safer.  I presented this plan to residents at a community meeting in June 2015.  While some of the elements were approved in late 2015, the majority were recently approved at Community Council on February 23, 2016. 

The following is a list of the transportation improvements in the West Queen West triangle:

  • Abell Street (once open), to operate in a "1 way South" direction: approved and awaiting installation;
  • Lisgar Street (Queen St. West to Sudbury Street), to operate in a "1 way North" direction: approved and awaiting installation
  • Removal of parking spaces adjacent to driveway entrances on Sudbury Street to improve sightlines for motorists entering/exiting underground parking lots: approved and installed in fall 2015;
  • "All-way stop control" (sign) on Sudbury Street, at Lisgar Street: installed in December 2015 - white pavement markings to be painted this summer;
  • "All-way stop control" (sign) on Sudbury Street, at Abell Street: approved and awaiting installation;
  • Speed humps on Dovercourt Road (Queen to Sudbury) with 30 km/h speed limit: approved and awaiting installation;
  • Speed humps on Subdury Street (Queen to Dovercourt) with 30 km/h speed limit: residents polled and resident petition received, awaiting approval at Community Council;
  • "Pay-and-Display" parking on the west side of Abell Street: approved and awaiting installation;
  • Loading zone on the west side Abell Street: approved and awaiting installation;
  • Accessible parking space on the west side of Abell Street: approved and awaiting installation; and
  • Installation of a "traffic control signal" (light) on Queen St. West, at Beaconsfield Ave: installation feasibility study forthcoming from City staff.

Thank you to all the residents that participated in this process.  Together we are working towards a safer and vibrant community.

Should you have any questions on any of the items listed above, please do not hesitate to contact my office. 



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