Wallace Emerson Traffic Management Committee

In 2019, I began discussions with residents in the Wallace Emerson community about traffic concernswhich had been expressed. In order to address these concerns, we created the Wallace Emerson Traffic Management Committee, which included local residents, Traffic Operations staff from the City and my office. Together, we looked at a wide range of options to make this community safer, including changing parking regulations, changing street directions and installing speed bumps. When we brought these ideas back to the community for their input, they received overwhelming support. With that support, I brought these recommendations forward at Toronto City Hall for approval in March. These improvements include:

The installation of speed humps on Wallace Avenue, St Clarens Avenue and Millicent Street
Changing the direction of St Clarens Avenue and Emerson Avenue between Paton Road and Wallace Avenue
The addition of a planter and zebra crosswalk markings at Paton Road and Emerson Avenue
The addition of planters and staggered parking along Wallace Avenue
The addition of speed bumps on public lane between Millicent and Lappin

These improvements are scheduled for implementation in Spring 2021.

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