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  • Winona Bike Lane Consultations and Survey

    Winona Bike Lane Consultations and Survey – March 22 at 6:30The City is proposing creating a neighbourhood cycling connection in the Oakwood community to provide safer cycling options to travel from Eglinton to Davenport along Winona Drive. It is crucial for the local community to share their support, ideas and concerns, to ensure this project meets local needs. Consultation activities will be conducted online, by phone, and by mail. Visit the link above to register for the public meeting and to...
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  • Round Two of TO360 Local Wayfinding Consultation

    Round Two of the TO360 local map consultation will be live from February 5 to 26, 2021TO360 is the pedestrian wayfinding system central to the City's ambition to make Toronto a more walkable, welcoming, and understandable place for residents and visitors. TO360 provides consistent wayfinding information through a unified signage and mapping system delivered by the City and project partners. The City's Transportation Services has prepared some draft wayfinding maps for St. Clair West and Eglinton West and is looking for feedback from people in Ward 9 (Davenport) who are passionate about...
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  • Oakwood Cycling Connection

    Having safe, connected and convenient cycling routes in the city is important, but it is equally as important that we properly consult with the local communities. Due to COVID-19, we have been unable to adequately consult on this project to move forward for the 2020 year. There have been a number of concerns raised by the community that we need to address before construction. We will be reaching out to the community again about consultation soon.
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  • Wallace Emerson Traffic Management Committee

    In 2019, I began discussions with residents in the Wallace Emerson community about traffic concernswhich had been expressed. In order to address these concerns, we created the Wallace Emerson Traffic Management Committee, which included local residents, Traffic Operations staff from the City and my office. Together, we looked at a wide range of options to make this community safer, including changing parking regulations, changing street directions and installing speed bumps. When we brought these ideas back to the community for...
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  • Dovercourt Road Reconstruction

    Work has begun on the reconstruction of Dovercourt Road, including the replacement of substandard watermains. This work is being completed in two phases, first from College Street to Dundas Street, then from Dundas Street to Queen Street. This work will be followed by road reconstruction including beautification and the installation of speed humps for traffic calming, as requested by the community during consultations last year. More information on this project can be found at
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  • Bike Share 2020 Expansion

    Bike Share has conducted their annual expansion, branching further north in our Ward and providing more stations in the highest use communities. In Ward 9, we have 9 new stations: • JJP Community Centre • Lisgar Park • Lisgar and Sudbury • Sheridan and Dundas • St. Helens and College • Bloor and Emerson • Wallace and Pauline • 160 Geary Ave • Davenport and Symington
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  • 23 Parking Spaces on St. Helens Avenue

    Residents have contacted our office requesting we review a loading zone on St. Helens Avenue. Following these requests, I issued a review of the street, to identify new spaces for residents to park. The result of this study was that by switching parking to the west side of the street, we could secure 23additional parking spaces.  
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  • Peel Gladstone Reconstruction

    After numerous public consultations, the final design for this reconstruction has been completed. This project will include pedestrian and cycling improvements, as well as numerous green street features. I want to thank everyone who participated in the consultations and helped to move this project forward. The work is scheduled to begin in 2021, and the City will be delivering construction notices in advance.
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  • Dufferin Priority Bus Route

    Late last year, the TTC recommended that consideration be given to implementing bus priority corridors along five major routes where volumes and ridership is high. One of these routes was Dufferin Street from the Dufferin Gates at Exhibition Place up to Wilson Avenue. While there was no original timeline on the introduction of the lanes, following the Covid-19 public health emergency and the increasing demands on high volume corridors like Dufferin Street as people returned to work, the TTC requested...
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  • Automated Speed Enforcement Cameras

    Speed limits are not a suggestion, they are the law, and it is far too common to see drivers risk their lives and the lives of others by speeding on our streets. To help change this culture, the City has received provincial approval to use Automated Speed Enforcement Cameras in community safety zones near schools. The City has been utilizing 50 cameras across the City (two per Ward), choosing locations based on traffic and speeding data. During their first two...
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