Taking Action to Address Bells at Bloor GO Station

The issue of bell ringing from GO Transit and Union Pearson Express trains at Bloor GO/UP Station has produced many sleepless nights and early morning wakeups for those who live near the station. With plans to expand transit service along the Kitchener GO Corridor, it is critical the issue of bell ringing be addressed by Metrolinx and Transport Canada, the regulatory body responsible for rail corridors. City Council this month adopted my recommendations to have the City Manager initiate discussions with Metrolinx and Transport Canada to identify best practices and possible solutions that avoids the use of train bells and/or whistles for trains entering and exiting passenger rail stations and to provide a progress report to the Executive Committee by the end of 2016.

This report will include recommendations to City Council about what steps and requests can be taken to eliminate the use of bells and whistles at existing GO Train Stations. I look forward to reviewing these options as we seek to have Metrolinx and Transport Canada move to address this important matter. 

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