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The challenges associated with the current COVID-19 public health emergency is difficult for all of us and our families. It is particularly challenging for those in our City and beyond who are vulnerable or have financial challenges. This includes of course the many local community organizations and charities that work so diligently to support those most in need. I am very grateful to the many residents of our community who have reached out to see how they might be of assistance, particularly as it relates to financial support for those most in need and the organizations that serve them. In this regard, I am pleased to provide this information on organizations and community groups who would very much welcome any support that you are able to provide to them. On behalf of our community I would like to thank you for your concern and your generosity.

Sistering (Donate)
A multi-service agency for at-risk, socially isolated women and trans people in Toronto who are homeless or precariously housed.
Location: 962 Bloor Street West
Accepting: Financial donations (preferred), new underwear, new socks, new bras, incontinence pads & $5/$10 gift cards. Please provide in a clear plastic bag.

Davenport-Perth Neighbourhood and Community Health Centre (Donate)
A respected multi-service agency located in Toronto’s West End.

 The Stop (Donate)
Helps people meet their immediate needs with dignified and respectful community programs and services—all centered around fresh, nutritious, and nourishing food. The Stop has shifted their resources away from community programming and towards emergency food access services.

West Neighbourhood House (Donate)
A multi-service non-profit neighbourhood agency serving communities in the west end of Toronto. Have cancelled group activities, and have moved to online/phone supports. Continue to deliver essential in-person services.

Aangen Community Centre (Donate)
A self-sustained, supportive community centre located in Toronto. Will continue cleaning and catering services to support our most marginalized populations. Have provided cleaning and catering for multiple shelters and housing agencies. Willing to extend services to seniors and other vulnerable populations.
Location: 868 Dovercourt Road
Accepting: Financial donations, food and gift cards

Davenport Helps (Offer support) (Request Support)
A community led neighbourhood support group, focused on supporting people who are immunocompromised or have mobility issues with acquiring groceries and prescriptions.

City Hall Address:

Toronto City Hall
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Constituency Office:

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Open: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
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