New Sterling Road Artist Studio

I am pleased to announce that a new Artist Studio space is being created in our community as part of the development planned for 181 Sterling Road, across the street from the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in the south Junction Triangle.
On November 3rd the Committee of Adjustment approved an application for minor variance. Previously, in 2015 and 2018, the Ontario Municipal Board settled the Zoning and Official Plan Amendments for this area. The overall development of the site will include a 16-storey mixed use building with 254 residential units (75.6% one-bedroom, 14.6% two-bedroom and 9.8% three- bedroom units). A total of 84 vehicular parking spaces are planned on the ground floor and within a two level underground parking structure with 192 bicycle parking spaces also being proposed for residents and visitors.
The Artist Studio will be a unit located on the second floor of the building and managed by local arts organization Akin Collective. Marlin Spring has agreed to provide Akin with the finished studio space at no cost and for a term of 5 years, with the option to extend every five years up to a total period of 20 years. The space will be used as a meeting/presentation space for Akin members but could also be booked by groups and/or individuals in the broader community.
I strongly believe that as a community and as a City we need to make room in new development for artists and it is critical we work together to deliver these kinds of spaces. Thanks to community members who identified a need, and to City Staff for working with my office to secure the studio space as part of development approvals.
I am pleased that a trusted local arts organization, Akin, will embark on a long-term agreement to manage this new space which will help ensure local artists will have secure and affordable work space to support their careers for years to come.
“For several years, Akin's artist-run team has been putting it out into the world that we and the artists we serve need reliable, long-term space to support the building of sustainable creative careers which contribute so deeply to the richness of our society. It’s exciting that this work will come to fruition through these plans and we're grateful to Councillor Bailão and her office for helping to make this happen!” – Oliver Pauk, Director

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