Planning and Housing

  • March 2021 Planning and Housing Update

    Advancing Planning and Housing Items at City CouncilLast week, I reported on several advancements we had made at Planning and Housing Committee. I wanted to provide a quick update on the number of items we discussed that week, which we have now passed at City Council: We approved the planning approval and community engagement process for Phase 2 of our Modular Housing Initiative, which will create over 120 units for those in need of supportive housing. We advanced a revitalization plan for...
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  • Federation of Canadian Municipalities Update - March 2021

    Federation of Canadian MunicipalitiesAs a City of Toronto representative at the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and Chair of the Standing Committee on Social-Economic Development, I joined my colleagues from across Canada to advance our common goals: On housing, we are calling for the calling up the Rapid Housing Initiative to build 24,000 units of social and affordable housing over the next seven years. On homelessness, we are calling for growing the Reaching Home Program by $282 million annually. On transit, we want to ensure...
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  • Missing Middle

    In July, a report on Expanding Housing Options in Toronto Neighbourhoods was tabled at the Planning and Housing Committee providing me, along with fellow Committee members, a chance to refine the work plan. Policies which will be worked on in the coming months and brought in stages for implementation will look to create more gentle density across our city's neighbourhood areas, adding much needed housing stock to our communities. These neighbourhood areas, many of which are actually shrinking in population,...
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  • Housing Now

    I continue to work hard leading our City's efforts to address our housing challenges and in particular with respect to affordability. One of the many initiatives we launched in January 2019 is Housing Now which identified 11 City owned sites for a mix of affordable and market value housing. The first phase will see the creation of 10,000 new homes of which 3,700 with be affordable rental. In May of this year, six new sites were added which will contribute...
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  • 150 Harrison

    On June 30th, Toronto City Council, with a near unanimous vote, approved the first two Modular Housing Initiative sites in our City. One of these sites, 150 Harrison Street, is in our Ward 9 Davenport community.The other is located in Ward 20 at 11 Macey Avenue in Scarborough. The site at 150 Harrison Street is scheduled for completion and occupancy in late fall. This affordable housing building will be threestoreys in height and have 44 bachelor rental units with their...
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  • Housing and People Action Plan

    The COVID-19 pandemic quickly exposed pre-existing gaps and vulnerabilities with respect to housing and homelessness. What has become abundantly clear is that good housing policy and good health policy cannot exist without each other. There are fundamental interdependencies with regard to housing, health, social and economic aim to emerge stronger from COVID-19 and this must include a clear housing focus based on equity and resilience. In late March, I led a Housing Action Team, comprised of a diverse group...
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  • Canadian Urban Institute and The Shift Municipal Working Group

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  • HousingTO 2020-2030

    One of the most significant developments in our efforts to address our City's housing challenges was the approval of the HousingTO 2020-2030 Housing Action Plan in late 2019 The result of years of work and wide ranging consultations with stakeholders, residents, housing providers, City staff and many more, the Housing TO 2020-2030 Housing Action Plan will address housing challenges ranging from those who are homeless to those seeking rental and ownership housing to people in need of long-term care. The...
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  • 150 Harrison - Modular Housing

    The City of Toronto is proposing to build 44 modular housing apartments at Harrison St and Dovercourt Rd in Ward 9. These would be affordable rental apartments for singles, managed by a non-profit housing provider. Do you have questions about the Modular Housing proposal in Ward 9? Due to COVID-19 we are not able to hold a traditional public open house. On June 17 we conducted our first online public meeting. Next Online Public MeetingWednesday June 24, 6:30 – 8 p.m....
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  • Short Term Rentals Update

    Short Term RentalsI have heard from residents in our community about the negative effects of short-term rentals, such as AirBnB in our neighbourhood. While these services do have a place in our City, these rentals were operating in a largely unregulated, unaccountable market. As a result of this, we have seen local issues such as ghost hotels, excessive noise and safety concerns, as well as other City-wide issues being made worse, such as a reduction in long-term rental stock for...
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