Patio Fees

The City's Municipal Licensing and Standards Division are undertaking a review of existing sidewalk café and marketing display bylaws, including permit fees for licensed patios, in order to harmonize standards consistently across the city. They will be reporting to City Council in April on this topic.

As you may have heard in the media, City staff had considered significant increases to patio licensing fees. The increases proposed for discussion were so high that they would threaten the vitality of businesses with patios, and the vibrancy of our neighbourhoods.

Outdoor patios breathe life into our main streets – they offer a pleasant al fresco dining experience, as well as an opportunity to boost pedestrian traffic and increase revenues for local businesses during the warmer months. I will not be supporting the fee increases that were discussed as they will threaten the livelihood of the small businesses which reflect our uniquely diverse neighbourhoods and form a vibrant part of our cityscape.

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