Parking paid by phone coming to Toronto


Diana Pereira, City New Report: Toronto city council approved a plan on Tuesday that would let people pay for parking with their cell phones.

[This article is a follow up to Cellphone Payments Coming to Green P Parking Lots, posted on April 10th]

Prior to parking, customers can create an account with the Toronto Parking Authority (TPA) where they register their licence plates and payment information. They would then use their cellphone to inform the TPA of where their car is parked and the amount of parking time they require.

The driver will then receive a confirmation number instead of a paper ticket.

Parking enforcement officers can then simply scan the licence plate to ensure a payment has been made, regardless if a paper receipt is on the dash or not.

Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly said the system will be implemented 130 city-owned Green P parking lots this summer.

It will be in place in the 18,000 Green P on-street spots in 2015.


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