To the people of Davenport and Toronto

To the people of Davenport and Toronto,

It’s been the honour of a lifetime to serve you as your City Councillor and Deputy Mayor. But, after three terms and 12 years in office, I am announcing I will not be seeking re-election for City Councillor in October.

For me, politics has always been a means to make change. As a Councillor, and as Deputy Mayor, I’ve been so proud to use my platform to advocate for more affordable housing and economic and social prosperity for all. Growing up as a young immigrant new to Canada, I came to understand how safe and stable housing is the foundation that allows someone to work, to get an education, to engage with their community and ultimately develop and fulfill their personal potential. It’s why I got involved in politics, and it’s why I’m so proud of all the progress we have made together. 

Over these past twelve years, I believe we have pioneered new and innovative ways for the City to meet Toronto’s housing challenges. Working with wonderful public, non-profit and private sector partners, dedicated City staff, and community leaders and organizations, we have pushed affordable housing to the forefront of our City's Agenda.

Together, we secured $2.8 billion in sustainable funding for Toronto Community Housing so residents can live in their homes with dignity; created thousands of new affordable homes by leveraging city property and programs to waive development charges; launched programs to support non-profits to acquire properties to save and build more affordable housing; built supportive modular homes; and cleared barriers to laneway housing. We accomplished all of this and so much more.

I am honoured to have worked with my City Council colleagues and Mayor John Tory, who has been a tireless champion in our affordable housing efforts.

Most of all, I am humbled and grateful by the confidence and trust you have placed in me as your representative. From new parks, to a new library, new community centres and creating hundreds of new affordable housing homes, we worked together to move our wonderful community forward. I am so proud of all that we have achieved for our community over these past twelve years.  

Being elected Councillor, and serving as Deputy Mayor and Toronto’s Housing Advocate is well beyond what I had thought possible as a 15-year-old immigrant young woman when I first arrived in Canada. I hope my experience will inspire other young people to set and achieve ambitious goals, regardless of where they come from or their background. 

Cities are extremely complex, dynamic and ever-evolving places and I believe we can all have an impact, whether inside or outside government. While I have not yet decided what is next for me, I remain absolutely committed to continuing to contribute to our city and community in this next chapter. 

Thank you for your support, your guidance and your trust. I look forward to continue to serve you as your City Councillor over the next few months.






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