November 2019 E-Newsletter- My Vision for Housing, Toronto's Transit and Much More!

Dear Neighbours,

I hope everyone had a fantastic Halloween with their families. This year, Davenport has shown its great community spirit once again with many pumpkin parades and hunts across the Ward. Thank you to all the fantastic volunteers who put these events together for our local kids. 

With Remembrance Day soon upon us, I encourage you to take some time on Monday, November 11th to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country. There will be many local services which you can attend, including the Prospect Cemetery sunrise ceremony at 7:40 AM and the City of Toronto ceremony at Old City Hall beginning at 10:30 AM.

As we head into the holiday season, I am pleased to invite you and your neighbours to the annual Davenport Holiday Party. This is a great get together where friends, neighbours and community members from across the Ward meet to celebrate all the wonderful things we have achieved for our neighbourhoods and to spend time with each other. This year's celebration will take place from 6-9 PM at 211 Geary Avenue. If you and your family would like to join this community celebration, please RSVP here.

October has seen a lot of progress on important projects in our community. At City Hall and in our neighbourhoods, we have moved several road safety improvements forward to ensure that our families are kept safe on our streets. We participated in a community meeting hosted by Metrolinx regarding our beloved West Toronto Railpath and the plan for its realignment. In addition, this past weekend the Earlscourt community came out to celebrate the re-opening of the new St. Clair Silverthorn Library. 

This week, as the City's Housing Advocate and Chair of Planning and Housing Committee I spoke at a Canadian Club of Toronto luncheon, sharing my thoughts on housing in Toronto and how we can address the challenges people are facing now and into the future. At City Hall, Council discussed the Toronto-Ontario Transit deal and what it means for the future of transit in our City.

This month, there will be many other important community meetings including on the Davenport Diamond and safety improvements at the College Street and Dundas Street intersection. I look forward to meeting with you and our neighbours at these meetings to continue improving our Ward.

In community,

Ana Bailão
Deputy Mayor
Councillor, Ward 9 – Davenport

Table of Contents

  1. Local Updates
    1. Davenport Holiday Party
    2. Davenport Diamond Public Meeting
    3. Earlscourt Centennial Planning Committee
    4. College and Dundas Intersection Improvements: Public Meeting
    5. Safety and Crime Concerns
    6. 880 Gladstone Liquor License Update
    7. Power Outages on Brock Avenue
    8. New Community Mural
    9. West Toronto Railpath Community Meeting
    10. St. Clair Silverthorn Library Grand Re-Opening
    11. Road Safety Improvements
    12. Anne Marie D'Amico Tribute
    13. BetterHomesTO
    14. Please Slow Down Campaign
  2. City Updates
  3. News Clippings
  4. Events
  5. Council Highlights
  6. Important Notices

Local Updates

Davenport Holiday Party
Each year, community members from across Davenport get together to celebrate the holiday season and enjoy food and good company. Given the new Ward boundaries, I look forward to meeting with neighbours from across the larger Ward. This event will be held at 211 Geary Avenue from 6:00PM to 9:00PM on Thursday, December 5. In the holiday spirit, we are asking those who can to bring non-perishable foods to donate at this event to help those in need. You and your guests can RSVP to this event here

Davenport Diamond Public Meeting
Thanks to amazing community advocacy, we have secured a public meeting from Metrolinx on the Davenport Diamond Grade Separation. This meeting will be held on November 20 and will be an open house and project update. The meeting will be held at Casa de Madeira, 1621 Dupont Street from 6:00PM-9:00PM. I strongly encourage you to share this meeting information with your neighbours and friends to ensure as many residents as possible attend. 

Earlscourt Centennial Planning Committee
In October, we successfully hosted the first meeting of the Earlscourt Centennial Planning Committee. We discussed many great ideas on how to celebrate this historic year for our beloved park and we were hoping you would be able to bring your unique experience and insight to the committee to help us arrange the best celebration possible. If you are interested in participating, please email our team at [email protected]. Our next meeting date will be on Wednesday, November 13 at 7:00 PM at the JJP Community Centre, 1369 St Clair Avenue West.

College and Dundas Intersection Improvements: Public Meeting
There is one thing that drivers, pedestrians and cyclists all agree upon, the intersection at College Street and Dundas Street would greatly benefit from some safety improvements. With the installation of a traffic light scheduled for 2020, we are looking at implementing some additional improvements including curb bump outs, leading pedestrian lights, beautification, and cycling facilities. Eventually, this will include permanent cycling route improvements for College Street, helping cyclists avoid crossing the multiple lanes of traffic and streetcar tracks.

In order to ensure that this change accounts for the needs of the surrounding community, we will be hosting a public consultation meeting on Tuesday, November 26 starting at 6:30PM at Casa Dos Acores, 1136 College Street.

Safety and Crime Concerns
I have been in touch with many residents and business owners to discuss a series of break-ins at businesses in the area as well as other crimes happening in our communities. I understand the impact these have on our communities and have been working to have them addressed by engaging with the four police divisions across our Ward. Our team attends every Community Police Liaison Committee meeting to monitor trends, stay informed and raise issues on behalf of the community. This month, I met with the Toronto Police Unit Commanders for 11 and 14 Divisions to discuss these issues and others brought to my attention by the community. If you would like to attend your local Community Police Liaison Committee, please contact your local police division. 

Remember, it is always important to report any crime you witness or fall victim to. These reports help police map trends to catch offenders and build cases for charges. The Toronto Police non-emergency line is: (416) 808-2222.

80 Gladstone Liquor License Update
As many of you are know, the owner of Fix Coffee + Bikes (80 Gladstone Avenue), applied to the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) for a liquor licence earlier this year. Upon learning about this application, many area residents objected to its issuance. I can report that as a result of several hours of discussions and negotiations, the applicant will be granted a liquor licence by the AGCO. All objecting parties agreed to withdraw their objections subject to the liquor licence not being transferable, a maximum 30 person capacity, and alcohol service between the hours of 11:00 AM to 8:15 PM (daily). I am happy that a consensus has been reached and I look forward to continuing to support local businesses and residents.

Power Outages on Brock Avenue
Many residents living on Brock Avenue have mentioned reoccurring, brief power outages over the last few months. We have been in contact with Toronto Hydro to identify the causes of these outages. While Hydro has determined the networks with these outages, and identified some of the causes, they require more time to implement a mitigation package to address the issues that the community has experienced. To be thorough, Toronto Hydro is manually inspecting the feeders and cables throughout the network. 

In order to keep the community informed, we are working to arrange a meeting with the affected residents to provide an update. If your home has experienced frequent outages, please let us know by emailing [email protected] and providing your home address.

New Community Mural
A great new community mural has been completed this week at 234 Lansdowne Avenue. This mural adds a splash of colour to the Brockton Triangle neighbourhood. This mural was initiated by the community to cut down on graffiti on this building and add to the public art in the neighbourhood. 

 West Toronto Railpath Community Meeting
With the West Toronto Railpath Realignment nearing construction, we received an update through a community meeting hosted by Metrolinx (the provincial transit agency), sharing the phasing of the project. While it is unfortunate our beloved path is affected by Metrolinx's track work, we as a community have been successful in advocating for meaningful improvements, including a pollinator park, the replacement of invasive plant species and the installation of living vine noise walls. Construction on the realignment is scheduled to begin in the Spring of 2020 with completion expected by 2021. As this work will be conducted in stages, the majority of the trail will remain open with detours in place at the active realignment sites. 

 St Clair/Silverthorn Library Grand Re-Opening
On Saturday November 2nd, it was a great privilege to kick off the re-opening of the newly renovated St.Clair/Silverthorn Library. Not only has the library been modernized, it has also received accessibility improvements as well. The library now features spacious, comfortable and adaptable meeting spaces. Many local community members came out to celebrate this opening and I am pleased that this space is available once more for all of us. 

Road Safety Improvements
At October's Community Council, we initiated a series of road safety improvements that will have meaningful results for our communities, including the installation of speed humps on Harvie Avenue between Rochdale Avenue and Kitchener Avenue and on Gladstone Avenue from Peel Avenue to Dundas Street West. In addition, parking amendments have been made to accommodate the needs of local residents on Edwin Avenue, Pelham Avenue and Westmoreland Avenue. In order to provide further safety improvements in our neighbourhoods, I met with residents to discuss additional traffic calming measures for the Rogers Road and Chambers Avenue intersection and several improvements surrounding Wallace Emerson. I want to recognize and thank the Wallace Emerson Traffic Committee for all of their efforts and share more information here for those who were unable to attend the meeting.

Anne Marie D'Amico Tribute
After the tragic van attack on April 23rd, 2018, the Northcliffe and Regal Heights community requested that there should be a place to honour the memory of Anne Marie D’Amico. In July, the D'Amico family, the Toronto District Catholic School Board, City staff and me met to discuss the possibility of renaming Santa Chiara Parkette Plaza to Anne Marie D'Amico Square. This fall, the D'Amico family, the community and I met to officially unveil the new plaza sign. I would like to make a special recognition to TDCSB Trustee Frank D’Amico for his tremendous efforts in making this possible.

This week, the City of Toronto launched BetterHomesTO, a multi-partner program that aims to help homeowners make their homes more energy-efficient, and proclaimed Residential Energy Efficiency Day in Toronto. 

Homes and buildings generate more than half of the greenhouse gas emissions in Toronto today. Last month, Toronto City Council declared a climate emergency and adopted a stronger emissions reduction target for Toronto – net zero emissions by 2050 or sooner. To achieve that target, we know existing homes in Toronto will need to be retrofitted to net zero emissions by 2050, sooner if possible, and all new homes must be built to net-zero by 2030.

BetterHomesTO offers a comprehensive online resource where Toronto homeowners can find information, tools and resources to help them learn about and undertake home energy retrofits (31 retrofits in all) and access all the programs, rebates and incentives offered by the City and its partners. 

A net-zero home is comfortable, healthier and better for the environment because all the efficient features work together to lower energy consumption, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and shrink the home's carbon footprint. 

More information about net-zero homes and BetterHomesTO is available at

Please Slow Down Campaign
The "Please Slow Down" campaign, a public awareness initiative that aims to encourage drivers to slow down on residential roads using temporary lawn signs, is well underway. If you would like to request a sign, please contact my office by phone at (416) 392-7012 or email at [email protected].

City Updates 

Canadian Club Speech
This week, I was invited to share my thoughts on housing in Toronto at the Canadian Club. I highlighted that, despite having 120 cranes in the sky, which is over 2 times more than the cities closest behind us, 112,000 renters in Toronto are paying more than 50% of their income on rent. With the population of Toronto expected to grow by a million residents over the next decade, we need to be sure we get housing right. One big step in the right direction is the federal government's National Housing Strategy, which brought the federal government back to the table in a meaningful way. In Toronto, we have been hard at work on the Housing T.O. 2020-2030 10-year Housing Action Plan. We have talked with and engaged over 6,000 residents and housing stakeholders across Toronto throughout the year. But more needs to be done to address our housing challenges, including securing funding to maintain our current affordable housing communities in a state of good repair and to expand options and supports for residents. At City Hall, we have been actively trying to address this challenge head on, through the Open Door program, partnerships between governments and developers, and prioritizing housing on City lands.

While we have approved thousands of rentals and affordable units, more still needs to be done. Success will require new ways of thinking and innovation. My housing vision for Toronto is a city where we all work together- in all corners and neighbourhoods in Toronto - to activate local residents and businesses in a campaign for decent and affordable housing. My housing vision for Toronto is that no one is left behind – where everyone is treated with dignity – and where we set an example to the world by providing residents with access to decent, appropriate, secure and affordable housing.

Toronto deserves a happier, more secure housing future. A place where all of our residents – regardless of their circumstances or country of origin - have a more secure and affordable housing future.

I look forward to continuing to work with all of you on this and other issues within our community and City.

You can watch my speech in its entirety here.

Toronto-Ontario Transit Update
As many of you know, earlier this year the provincial government announced plans to upload parts of our TTC system, effectively removing the City from decisions surrounding local transit matters. At this time, many said we should walk away from the table, that any deal struck with the province would be a bad deal. The City of Toronto decided, however, to remain in talks about the future of Toronto's transit. By remaining in these talks, we were able to secure a much better deal for Torontonians. Not only will the TTC remain in the hands of the City, but the new agreements free up $5B in funding that can now be used for TTC state of good repair work and other priority transit projects such as the Eglinton East LRT, which did not previously have sufficient funding for its completion. 

While this is a step on the right track, there is much more to do. With the project in the early design phase, it is important to keep the local communities involved in the discussion and take their concerns seriously. Given the great need for transit relief in Toronto, it is essential that there are no further delays to building reliable transit for Toronto's communities.

TTC Tokens
In-station sales of TTC tickets, tokens and passes to end on Nov. 30, 2019

The TTC will stop selling tickets, tokens and passes (GTA Weekly and the Day Pass) at collector booths on Nov., 30, 2019. Customers will still be able to buy tickets and tokens at some third-party retailers.

While customers will be able to continue using previously purchased tickets, tokens and passes to pay their fare, those people who do not have large quantities of tickets, tokens and passes remaining, are encouraged to move to a PRESTO card now to avoid potential line ups for cards on Dec. 1.

PRESTO cards are available for sale at Fare Vending Machines in all subway stations, all Shoppers Drug Mart locations, online at and through the PRESTO App, or at the TTC Customer Service Centre at Davisville Station.

PRESTO card customers have access to many benefits, including:

  • paying the lowest fare by default;
  • being able to hop on and off the TTC within a two-hour period without being charged a second fare;
  • the ability to set up auto-renew and auto-load so they never have to worry about not having enough money or a monthly pass on their card;
  • balance protection for cards registered on a My PRESTO Account; and,
  • the ability to use one card to pay a fare across 10 other transit agencies that use PRESTO.

The TTC has not set a date as to when it will stop accepting tickets, tokens and day passes. Since refunds will not be provided, customers are encouraged to use their remaining tickets, tokens and passes as soon as they can. GTA Weekly Passes can be used until Dec., 1, 2019.

The TTC will continue limited sales of tickets and tokens to agencies and organizations like school boards and social service agencies until a new bulk sales program for distributing PRESTO cards and PRESTO Tickets is available.

Customers who travel in Wheel-Trans sedan taxis will be required to pay with exact cash, use any remaining tickets or tokens they have, or with a monthly pass on their PRESTO card. Full fare payment using PRESTO will be available on sedan taxis before the end of the year.

Infrequent travellers or visitors to the city can purchase one-ride, two-ride or day pass PRESTO Tickets from a Fare Vending Machine at all subway stations, Shoppers Drug Mart locations in Toronto and from the TTC Customer Service Centre at Davisville Station. 

Don Somerville TCHC Revitalization
Last week, I joined Mayor Tory and Councillor's Bradford and Fletcher to announce the revitalization of the Don Somerville TCHC Lands at 1555 Queen Street East. Through this development, we are growing housing on this site over 6 times, offering rent-geared to income, affordable units, rentals and condos on the site. Through this approach, we are creating inclusive communities that allow people from all walks of life to live, work and grow in the same neighbourhood. Achieving this was possible through leveraging underutilized TCHC properties to build much-needed housing for the people of Toronto. More information on this revitalization can be found here.

Partnership to Help Homeless Women
In late October, I joined the Provincial Minister of Housing Steve Clarke to announce a partnership between the City, the Province and Margaret's Housing to take a new approach to address chronic homelessness in Toronto. By utilizing neighbouring TCHC scattered homes in Cabbagetown, this partnership will house 35 women suffering from chronic homelessness. This new approach shows that when governments and social organizations work together to address these common challenges, we can find solutions that have a real and positive impact on people and communities. I look forward to taking similar approaches moving forward to assist our most vulnerable populations. 

Tenants First RFP for Scattered Homes
In order to improve the condition of Toronto Community Housing Communities scattered homes and provide affordable housing in perpetuity, Tenants First, a proponent of TCHC has issued a request for proposal on 623 TCHC homes, representing 730 units. This decision comes as part of TCHC's restructuring in order to improve services for tenants. 

The capital backlog associated with the scattered portfolio properties, as of the end of 2016, was $33.9 million. TCHC spends approximately $6 million annually in building repair capital on this portfolio. By removing these scattered houses from TCHC's portfolio, there will be a reduction in the overall capital repair backlog and future capital requirements, as those costs will be transferred with the properties to the new housing providers.

As part of the terms of the transfer, the City will continue to fund the new housing providers to deliver social housing. The funding costs and financial impact to the City will be dependent on the operating agreements negotiated as part of the RFP process which will be considered by Toronto City Council in 2020 as part of a comprehensive transfer plan.

News Clippings

City website tells Toronto homeowners how to save on energy costs - The Star, Nov 5

What a green makeover can do for a city hydro corridor - The Star, Nov 1

Toronto city council votes to approve Ontario government’s transit plan, Global News, Oct 29

A better way to get the housing mix Toronto needs - The Star, Oct 29

TCHC buildings to be demolished, rebuilt in planned Queen-Coxwell revitalization - CTV, Oct 28


Ropewalk Awareness Laneway Party
Saturday, November 9, 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Laneway between Lansdowne Avenue and St. Clarens Avenue, behind the Daily Grind

Remembrance Day Service - Sunrise Service
Monday, November 11, 7:30 AM
Prospect Cemetary, 1450 St Clair Avenue West

St Clair Gardens 13th Annual Cavalcade of Lights
November 15, 5:30 PM - 9:00 PM
Don Panos Parkette, 3 Prescott Ave

Corso Italia Castanha Festival
November 15, 5:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Tre Mari Bakery, 1311 St Clair Avenue West

College and Dundas Intersection Improvements Public Meeting 
Tuesday, November 26, 2019, 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM 
Casa Dos Acores, 1136 College Street

Fairbank Village BIA Light up the Holidays
Saturday, December 7, 5:45 PM-7:30 PM
Shortt St at Eglinton Ave

Junction Triangle Craft Show
Saturday, December 7, 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Perth Avenue Public School, 14 Ruskin Avenue

JJP Gymnastics Show
Monday, December 9, 6:00 PM
JJP Community Centre, 1369 St Clair Avenue West

JJP Dance Show
Tuesday, December 10, 6:30 PM
JJP Community Centre, 1369 St Clair Avenue West

Northcliffe Village Residents Association and Ontario Ballet School Winterfest
Saturday, December 14, 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Santa Chiara Parkette, 1114 St Clair Avenue West

Davenport Perth NCHC Seniors Holiday Party
Tuesday, December 17, 1:00 PM - 3:30 PM
DPNCHC, 1900 Davenport Rd

JJP Christmas Dinner
Wednesday, December 18, 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
JJP Community Centre, 1369 St Clair Ave W

Budget Town Hall 2020
Saturday, February 8, 2020, 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Bloor/Gladstone Library, 1101 Bloor St W

Green Line Public Meeting
Tuesday, February 18, 2020, 7:00 PM
Wallace Emerson Community Centre Centre, 1260 Dufferin Street

Council Highlights


 Public transit projects   
After extensive discussion, Council voted in favour of the City negotiating agreements with the Ontario government on four public transit projects for Toronto. City and TTC staff will work with their provincial counterparts to advance plans for the Ontario Line, the Line 2 East Extension, the Yonge Subway Extension and the Eglinton West LRT. Council supported numerous motions and recommendations as part of this agenda item. Under the City/Ontario partnership, the City retains ownership of Toronto's existing subway network and the TTC retains its responsibilities for transit network operations.

Planning for automated vehicles     
Council approved a plan designed to prepare Toronto for the anticipated use of automated (driverless) vehicles in the near future. A trial project in Scarborough involving an automated shuttle service connecting the West Rouge neighbourhood with nearby Rouge Hill GO Transit station is scheduled to start in late 2020. Toronto's comprehensive plan for automated vehicles is said to be the first of its kind by a North American city.

Road safety measures   
Recommendations involving speed limits and other measures to enhance pedestrian safety were approved by Council. Steps to be taken include asking the Ontario Ministry of Transportation to consult with the City before considering increasing the speed limits on the portions of the 400 series highways that are in Toronto. A separate motion that was supported will result in a pilot project using new technology available to assist pedestrians in safely crossing streets at busy intersections.


City assets/facilities

Managing the City's real estate assets     
Council adopted a report called ModernTO that sets out a strategy for the City's real estate portfolio. The strategy aims to optimize City real estate assets in ways that modernize municipal office space and create efficiencies. A related agenda item that Council adopted calls on CreateTO, the Toronto Community Housing Corporation, the Toronto Parking Authority and the Toronto Transit Commission, to adopt similar policies for their office portfolios.

Investment in parks and recreation facilities  
Council endorsed a strategy for providing parks and recreation facilities across the city over the next 20 years. The strategy, which is based on a commitment to high-quality parks and recreation facilities serving all Toronto residents, provides details for implementing an earlier adopted Parks and Recreation Facilities Master Plan. Implementing the plan entails investing in community recreation centres, aquatic and ice facilities, sports fields and courts, splash pads and other facilities.

Use of community spaces in City facilities    
Council supported a motion calling on City officials to consult with LGBTQ2S+ stakeholders and to review the City's policies governing third party use of community spaces in City facilities. Staff are to report to Council early in the new year. A focus involves ensuring that the identification of groups contravening the City’s human rights and anti-harassment/discrimination policy, and the denial or revoking of permits to such groups, are done in a timely manner. Part of the motion addresses the Toronto Public Library Board and its policies on the use of community spaces.

Cyber security  
Council adopted recommendations intended to strengthen security controls in information technology at the City and at City of Toronto agencies and corporations. The related audit report notes that cyberattacks – unauthorized attempts to gain access to a system and confidential data, modify it in some way or delete or render information in the system unusable – are one of the biggest threats facing organizations today.

Process for selecting shelter locations    
A motion concerning shelters, respites and drop-in programs in the east downtown area received Council's approval. Staff are to provide recommendations to improve public engagement and consultation around locating new shelters, respites and drop-in programs in that area.

Waterfront and island flooding   
Council considered a report on flooding experienced along the waterfront and at Toronto Island Park in 2017 and 2019, and on funding for rehabilitation and repair work to waterfront parks damaged by flooding. Related motions that Council adopted address matters such as financial assistance that the City provides for flooded properties.


Environment and health  

Progress on a low-carbon fleet  
Council adopted a new "green fleet" plan with the goal of moving toward a sustainable, climate-resilient, low-carbon City vehicle fleet. Related objectives include making 45 per cent of the City-owned fleet low-carbon vehicles by 2030. This plan will build on the momentum of the green fleet plan that covered 2014 to 2018 and established the City of Toronto as a Canadian leader in testing and adopting green vehicle technologies and efficient fleet-management practices.

Mental health and addictions  
Council adopted a motion that urges the federal government to invest $900,000 a year to help address Toronto's mental health and addiction crises. The motion calls on the government to commit to funding parity by investing one dollar on mental health for every dollar spent on physical health. According to the motion, this urgently needed federal investment in Toronto should go toward mental health services and new supportive housing.

Sale of vaping products   
Council supported amending the Toronto Municipal Code to introduce a new licence requirement for vapour ("vaping") product retailers effective April 1, 2020. The fee structure is the same as for tobacco retailers. The report before Council documented about 80 specialty retailers of vapour products operating in Toronto and many non-specialty retailers such as convenience stores that carry e-cigarette/vaping products. The report also elaborates on related health concerns. 


Community support

Child-care in schools   
Council authorized proceeding with the joint approval process for 49 school-based child-care capital projects in co-operation with school boards, as well as up to 20 additional school-based capital projects, subject to provincial funding approval. Council voted to call on the province to reverse its funding formula changes to child care in Ontario and maintain previous levels of funding, and to implement multi-year budgets for child care.

Police presence in Lawrence Heights   
A motion calling on Council to ask the Toronto police to establish a community police office in the Lawrence Heights neighbourhood received Council's approval. The motion noted that the main police headquarters serving that part of the city is 8.4 kilometres away from Lawrence Heights, and said there is a need for a police office within the community, given the problems of persistent gun violence and other criminal activity in the area.



Priorities for cultural investment   
A report identifying three strategic priorities to guide the City's cultural investments over the next five years received Council's approval. The three priorities involve increasing opportunities for all Torontonians to participate in local cultural activities that reflect the city's diversity and creativity, maintaining and creating new spaces for the creative sector, and strengthening and increasing the diversity of the cultural workforce.

Changes to cultural grants  
Council approved a proposal to realign the City's cultural grants program, with the intention of providing more equitable access to funding. Two long-established funding programs (Major Cultural Organizations and Grants to Specialized Collections Museums) will be dismantled as the City introduces two new funding programs in 2020 – called Cultural Festivals and Cultural Access and Development.



Appointment of Integrity Commissioner   
Council appointed Jonathan Batty as the City's new Integrity Commissioner, effective November 30. The Integrity Commissioner provides advice, complaint resolution and education to members of City Council and local boards on the application of the City’s codes of conduct, the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act and other bylaws, policies and legislation governing ethical behaviour. Valerie Jepson, the previous Integrity Commissioner, completed her five-year appointment this year.

Enhancement of University Avenue    
Council supported a proposal for implementing the first phase of an initiative that involves illuminating and animating University Avenue with art installations. A group called the Friends of University Avenue plans for a temporary, illuminated art installation to be located at the intersection of University Avenue and Gerrard Street as the first project. University Avenue, known as the most ceremonial street in downtown Toronto, links the Ontario Legislature at Queen's Park to Union Station at Front Street. 

Important Notices

Sewer Rehabilitation - O'Leary Avenue
The City of Toronto will be conducting sewer rehabilitations from 8 O'Leary Ave to 50 O'Leary Ave. The project is expected to be completed by January 2020. Residents may experience odours from flushing activities. For questions or concerns, please contact the Field ambassador at 416-475-4424 or [email protected]

Toronto Hydro - Emerson-Bloor Construction
From June 2019 to December 2019, Toronto Hydro is conducting overhead and underground construction in the Emerson-Bloor Neighbourhood to accommodate the GO Transit Expansion Electrification Program. Crews may require access to your property to install an underground duct from the property line to the meter base located at your home or business. For further information, please call Toronto Hydro at 416-542-3366 and reference project X18126.

In addition, Toronto Hydro will be conducting a powerlite switch replacement in the Bloor St West, Sterling Rd neighbourhood to help improve the electricity system in Ward 9. For further information, please call Toronto Hydro at 416-542-3366 and reference project X18127.

Watermain Replacement on Cariboo Avenue and Osler Street from Cariboo Avenue to Dupont Street
The City of Toronto will replace the watermain and the City-owned portion of substandard water services on Cariboo Avenue and Osler Street from Cariboo Avenue to Dupont Street starting in October.

Dufferin and Dundas Underground Civil and Electrical Upgrade

Please be advised that as a result of construction to your neighbour’s residence on Dufferin Street, Toronto Hydro is planning to rebuild the ageing underground electrical system. The rebuild includes the replacement of the existing electrical cables within the city-owned property near your lot. Please note that Toronto Hydro may require access to your property to install an underground pipe that connects the meter at your home to the main electrical line.

Dafoe – Strachan Phase 4 Overhead Civil and Electrical Upgrade

Please be advised that Toronto Hydro is planning to rebuild the ageing overhead electrical system in your community to help improve service reliability. The rebuild includes upgrading overhead electrical cables and replacing hydro poles on city-owned property near your lot. The project area includes Argyle Street (North), Shaw Street (East), Sudbury Street (South) and Dufferin Street (West).

City Hall Address:

Toronto City Hall
100 Queen Street West, Suite C42
Toronto, ON M5H 2N2

Open: Monday - Friday 8:30AM - 4:30PM

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 416-392-7012

Fax: 416-392-7957

Constituency Office:

1240 Bloor Street West
Toronto, ON M6H 1N5

Open: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
1pm - 6pm

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