New City Park Meeting #2 Concept Designs


Advanced Circulation: Presentation of New City Park “Design Vignettes”

City Of Toronto, New City Park Design Workshop

Community Meeting 2 of 3, 7:00PM Thursday 15 May 2014

The Carnaby Presentation Centre, 8 Gladstone Avenue, Toronto

At Workshop No. 1, participants requested advance circulation of material for the next meeting to facilitate more constructive response from participants.  

As we have discovered from Workshop No. 1, review of background documents and site conditions, there are some questions surrounding a few Major Issues related to the New City Park which require a detailed review and response. This should be completed prior to proceeding fully toward development of Two (2) Conceptual Design Options.

This advanced circulation of New City Park “Design Vignettes” is intended to explain the most significant issues and give an indication of the future Design Concepts that will be developed for presentation at Community Meeting No. 2.

Corban and Goode Landscape Architects intend to post a few  “Design Vignettes” for advanced viewing by participants at Community Meeting No. 2. These will be presented and explained fully in the context of Major Issues for review and discussion. We hope to dedicate time to form three breakout groups to overdraw on the plans with bubble diagrams to the DIAGRAM TOOL, add notes and capture thoughts. The format of the Community Meeting will be designed to invite comments and participation.

We look forward to response and direction from participants.  This will lead to development of Two (2) City Park Design Concepts in future. The method for receipt of comments on the concepts is to be determined.

Meeting 2 Schedule


Drawings and sketches will be posted for advanced viewing prior to the presentation.


Corban and Goode will host a tour of site from the perimeter sidewalk.


Corban and Goode will present the Major Issues and engage with participants to better understand the community's preferences.

Summary of Considerations from Meeting 1

[full summary notes from Meeting 1]

Bicycle Trail Corridor, Toronto West Rail Path Planning and Design Study

  • Consider a broader perspective to understand bicycle path connections, including the south-west corner of Queen Street West and Gladstone Avenue, east and west sides of Dufferin Street.
  • There is a perceived conflict with the speed of bicycles through the park and other uses.
  • Park is a destination and so parking should be on Rail Path lands or at the south end of the New City Park.
  • Ample, safe bicycle parking in good locations to be provided; Question as to how the Metro next door will affect the bike parking; concern about locking bikes for shoppers in the park and damaging the greenery.
  • Question of access: Preferred access from railway corridor trail on west side only. Conserve park funds for park use and off-load bike access funds onto other city property to west of Dufferin St.
  • General Planning and Design Study for Dufferin and Queen Street West
  • Trail Corridor, varying width 3.95-8.5m
  • Rail Track Buffer, 7.925m.
  • Layout Route Through City Owned Property.
  • Future Metrolinx Bridge, Encroachment/Extention
  • City Of Toronto Proposals/Initiatives.
  • Passive/Active Bicycle Connection to New City Park
  • Schedule/Timing/Phasing Future

Existing Bridge Abutment

  • General Description.
  • Engineering Drawings for Footings, Etc.
  • Slopes/Site Grading Impact.

Site Grading

  • General Description.
  • Dufferin Street slope.
  • What is the relationship of the Dufferin Frontage access to the park?
  • Barrier-Free Accessibility.
  • Visibility from the street.
  • Grade differential appx. 3.8m at Peel, 4.6m at West Rail Path.
  • Walls, Terraces, Steps and Slopes.

Hydro Metering Station

  • Function, Services Layout.
  • Existing Location/Site Impact.
  • Option to Relocate and related Cost.
  • Hide it.
  • Some kind of artistic statement to hide it.

Relationship to the Building

  • There should be consideration given to creating opportunities to share space on condominium lands with the park. The park is for the neighbourhood as well as the residents of the Condo next door; How to be sure that the park is not catering to the condo owners; Is the condo providing enough amenities for the condo owners so as not to have the park become another amenity for the condo residences?
  • Flexible green space preferred over hard-paved space.
  • Flexible spaces should be interesting.
  • Committed uses such as amphitheatre, basketball are less desirable at the park site.
  • Consideration given to the location of green space as well as hard-paved space.
  • Non-Residential Space at Ground Floor Open To New City Park.
  • Access.
  • Maintenance.

Buffer area between Dufferin St. and the park

  • Strong expression for a green buffer of some kind between Dufferin St. and the New City Park. 
  • Possibility to make this a “signature” architectural gem for the New City Park.


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