Missing Middle

In July, a report on Expanding Housing Options in Toronto Neighbourhoods was tabled at the Planning and Housing Committee providing me, along with fellow Committee members, a chance to refine the work plan. Policies which will be worked on in the coming months and brought in stages for implementation will look to create more gentle density across our city's neighbourhood areas, adding much needed housing stock to our communities. These neighbourhood areas, many of which are actually shrinking in population, are located near our parks, schools, libraries and community centres. This important initiative will help create vibrant neighbourhoods and allow for a diversity of housing options to meet the contemporary housing needs of a dynamic and growing global city.


We want to hear your experience with missing middle housing!

A large section of Davenport permits this type of housing in our R-zoned residential areas. We invite those of you receiving this newsletter who either live in a duplex, triplex, quad, townhouse, stacked town or 3-4 storey apartment building to share your experiences with fellow Torontonians. In areas where these housing types are not currently permitted, it would be helpful to hear from fellow Torotonians who have first-hand experience! Tell us what it’s like to live in this form of housing in our neighbourhoods. What does it mean to you to have this housing choice available?

Write to [email protected] with the subject I Live in Davenport “Missing Middle" with your story for us to share!

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