Missing Middle – Sharing Stories from our Community

Last week, we requested members from our community provide their stories about missing middle housing. I wanted to share one we have received:

My partner and I live in a house on St. Clarens Ave that was long ago converted into three units (and now houses 6 people), but unless you know, you can't tell as you're walking down the sidewalk. The fear in some that allowing duplexes and triplexes as-of-right across the City will forever change the character of the neighbourhood is completely baseless. It is possible to 'invisibly' house a lot more people in Neighbourhoods without changing the character or indeed even the built form in most cases.

We too love spending time (and money) in our neighbourhood and we cherish the ability to walk to everything. Without an option like this, we would likely be in an apartment/condo, but we much prefer being nestled into a quiet neighborhood with access to a small backyard. Not everyone wants to live in a high-rise, and we need a range of housing options available for those that don't. As I'm sure you're aware, it has been widely reported that our city's neighbourhoods are declining in population. We need to support intensification so that there is a critical mass to allow small businesses such as our favourite coffee shops and restaurants to thrive.

Zoning that only permits single detached dwellings is inherently exclusionary and certainly does not represent the City's motto, Diversity Our Strength. It should be a thing of the past. I think we are on the cusp of a generational change - please keep pushing to make this a reality.

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