Media Coverage on New Downtown Relief Line Proposal


On Wednesday, July 24th, TTC Chair Karen Stintz brought forward a motion "That TTC CEO Andy Byford initiate discussions with appropriate Metrolinx staff to determine the feasibility of using the Georgetown and Lakeshore East Transit GO Transit corridors for the Downtown Relief Line, as part of the Downtown Relief Line environmental assessment."

I am pleased that this motion was passed by TTC Board members, and that since its passing it has received positive media attention.

I will continue working to ensure that the Western portion of the Downtown Relief Line is a priority for the TTC and Metrolinx and that the residents of Downtown West, Ward 18 in particular, are served by an electrified, local train service as soon as possible.

I hope I can count on your support. 


Ana Bailão
Toronto City Councillor
Ward 18, Davenport 


The TTC wants to look at the feasibility of using GO’s Georgetown South and Lake Shore East lines as part of the solution for a downtown relief line (DRL).

CEO Andy Byford has been told by the TTC board to approach provincial agency Metrolinx about including those GO services in the environmental assessment for the relief line, which is needed to take some of the crowding off the Yonge subway.

TTC chair Karen Stintz said Councillor Ana Bailao (Ward 18, Davenport) was going to bring the suggestion to city council last week but couldn’t get it on the agenda...

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Could the Downtown Relief Line use existing GO rail tracks?

TTC looking if it can operate the Downtown Relief Line on GO’s Georgetown and Lakeshore East rails

By: Natalie Alcoba

The Toronto Transit Commission wants to look at whether it can operate a so-called Downtown Relief Line on GO’s Georgetown and Lakeshore East rail corridors.

The commission approved a motion on Wednesday asking CEO Andy Byford to discuss the feasibility of the proposal with Metrolinx, the provincial agency that operates GO and is planning transit expansion in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area.

A line that would relieve pressure on the packed Yonge line has been deemed a priority for the city’s transit commission, and is on the list of projects that Metrolinx is seeking to fund and complete by 2031...

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TTC to probe conversion of two GO train tracks

By: Kaleigh Rogers

Plans for a downtown relief line to curb congested transit in Toronto could include conversion of train tracks along two GO transit lines.

The Toronto Transit Commission at a meeting on Wednesday passed a motion brought forward by chair Karen Stintz to investigate the feasibility of using the Kitchener (formerly called Georgetown) and Lakeshore East lines.

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TOinTRANSIT: TTC eyes GO rail corridors

York Guardian

By: Rahul Gupta

The TTC will study using existing GO rail corridors for a proposed subway route.

A motion approved by the TTC board asks staff to collaborate with provincial transit planning body Metrolinx on examining the suitability of running a future Downtown Relief Line (DRL) along the Georgetown and Lakeshore East tracks.

Metrolinx has placed the construction of a relief line as a priority for its Big Move transit network, and has pledged to build the DRL within 15 years if the project is funded.


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