McCormick Solar Project


My office has been meeting with the Friends of McCormick Park (FOMP) on a regular basis for the past three years and several fantastic improvements have resulted from this continuing partnership and dialogue. I am happy to report that another ground-breaking local project has just been scheduled for installation at McCormick Recreation Centre & Arena, in partnership with the City of Toronto's Renewable Energy office and Toronto Hydro.

Around two years ago, during a FOMP meeting where we were looking and the park and surrounding neighbourhood as part of a master planning process, the friends remarked that the huge open space on top of the arena and community centre would be an ideal space to blanket in solar photovoltaic panels. My office took this grassroots idea and ran with it, contacting Parks staff, the Renewable Energy Office and building the necessary partnerships to bring this project to life.

Last week my office received word that this project will be moving forward in June 2015. The solar PV system will be comprised of approximately 550 solar panels tilted at 10/15 degrees facing south. The total size is 210 kilowatt (kW DC). The system will be connected to the Toronto Hydro electrical grid and the City will receive revenues for 20 years from the sale of electricity generated by the system, through Ontario's Feed-in Tariff program.

This will be the second solar pv project installed on a City-owned building in Ward 18. One year ago we installed another system on the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) building at 760 Dovercourt Road. I look forward to facilitating more of these projects in the future and promoting grassroots community initiatives throughout Ward 18.

Project Summary Table:

Project Commencement

June 2015

Expected Commercial Operation Date

September 2015

Capital Cost


Simple Payback

7.7 years

Estimated Annual Output

235 MWh

Estimated Annual Revenue


GHG Emissions Reduction (Tonnes/Year)


Houses off Grid/Year











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