Looking at Ways to Improve Transit on Dufferin Street

The TTC's 29 Dufferin bus route is one of Toronto's most highly used surface transit routes. Over the years, we have secured improvements on this route by introducing longer articulated buses and through service changes to improve speed and service.

However, this important transit corridor is also under pressure from a growing number of current and future developments along the route. If fully built out, the Dufferin Corridor north of Bloor St W to just north of Wilson Ave could see a growth of population of up to 54% if all active and potential residential developments are built out. South of Bloor St W to the CNE Grounds, there is the potential to see residential population growth of up to 69% if all active and potential developments were built out. South of Bloor St W, the possibility of employment related development could also expand the number of jobs there by 41%.

While the growing number of development proposals along the important Dufferin corridor is a sign of the vitality of our city, the lack of any plans for higher order transit along Dufferin St will only increase congestion and crowding. The goals of reducing congestion, creating more livable communities and producing more economic growth and opportunity are important to me and our City. In order to fulfill these goals, it is critically important that we support them with investments that enhance public transit in order to expand access to jobs and move people across our city more efficiently.

It is critical that new developments be considered with respect to their impacts on transit capacity and mobility in Toronto. That is why this month at City Council, I moved a motion with TTC Chair Josh Colle in order to address this issue on Dufferin. We have requested that the TTC and City Planning examine what improvements can be made to this route in order to accommodate the projected growth and improve the transit experience for the many customers who rely on this route each and every day. I look forward to reviewing their recommendations with you as we move forward to enhance transit service along Dufferin.

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