Lansdowne Bus and TTC Improvements Coming to Our Community

As a daily transit rider, I know firsthand the challenges and frustration many residents face on their commutes. That is why I have been working to improve transit here in our community. Earlier this year, I wrote to the TTC Chair about the Lansdowne Bus and the need to improve service due to the increased population and ridership experienced as a result of developments.

I am happy to share that in April 2018, more service will be added on Lansdowne in the afternoon peak period to reduce crowding and improve frequency.

With major accessibility upgrades at Lansdowne Station starting in 2019, I have been advocating for the installation of an overhead canopy on the east side of Lansdowne Ave. This will add better weather protection for the thousands of daily northbound bus riders waiting to finish their journey home.

I am pleased to let you know that the TTC has responded to our request to bundle these important projects together and has now included this overhead canopy in their project.

We also approved in the 2018 Budget funding for more bus service on Dupont and Dufferin St to address growing ridership, development and residents' crowding concerns along the route. The TTC is also buying new buses and building a bus garage to support the approved Dufferin Express Bus Service coming in 2021.

These TTC service enhancements will build on our efforts to expand our rapid transit network with 5 approved SmartTrack/GO RER Stations to service Davenport. We need to continue this momentum to invest and find ways to improve service. I look forward to sharing further updates with you!

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