Dufferin Bus Express Service Moved-Up to Fall 2018

Over the past few years, I have been working with TTC Chair Josh Colle to find ways to improve transit service on Dufferin Street and have some good news to share with you. You may have previously heard that we were able to secure an express bus route on Dufferin but that it would start in 2021, which we felt was too far from now.

That is why we have been advocating to move-up express bus service on Dufferin as soon as possible to provide real relief for those that use Dufferin every day to move around Toronto. I am pleased to share with you that the TTC has responded to our advocacy efforts and that express buses will be running on Dufferin Street starting this fall.

In addition, we have invested new funding through the 2018 City Budget to add even more buses to Dufferin starting this September to reduce overcrowding at all times of the day, including rush hour. These improvements will help you travel across our city, run errands, get to work and back home to see your family faster.

It will mean reduced wait times, less crowding, a better chance of getting a seat and overall, make for a more comfortable ride on the Dufferin bus.

But, our work doesn't stop here. With additional residential growth pressures along Dufferin, we have requested the TTC and the City to look at exploring new opportunities to improve transit services on Dufferin Street to accommodate the new growth in our communities. I will share further updates with you as they become available.

I look forward to riding the improved Dufferin bus with you this fall.

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