Davenport Village Splash Pad

I am pleased to share that the design of the splash pad project at 18 Foundry Avenue has been completed and the construction has begun. It is great to see this important addition moving forward for the families in the community who can enjoy this new feature. Thank you to all the residents who have put in time to consult on the design of this work. To see the design work, please visit: www.anabailao.com/FoundaryAve_SplashPad.


Dovercourt Boys and Girls Club Garden Proposal

The Dovercourt Boys and Girls Club is proposing to build a new community garden to be integrated with their clubhouse and neighbouring Dovercourt Park. The Dovercourt Boys and Girls Club will lead the development of this project including the design, building, funding and maintenance work. The new teaching gardens will be an opportunity to include sustainable gardening practices and learning into the rich programming already offered at the Club.

The gardens will be located at the southwest corner of the Club's site and will transform a currently underutilized plot of grass into a dynamic and engaging community gardening space with opportunities to integrate fresh food markets and other community activities. The Dovercourt Boys and Girls Club will be responsible for carrying out ongoing maintenance, programming and care of the gardens as part of their regular programming.  

This proposal will help to improve the already engaging and well used facilities at Dovercourt Park and add to the park's capacity as a true community hub for neighbours, learning and activity. Several residents have provided their input and feedback on this proposal and I encourage you to do so as well by by calling my office at 416-392-7012 or by emailing me at [email protected]

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