Davenport Diamond Update

In late April, Metrolinx hosted a community meeting about the proposed Davenport Diamond Rail Grade Separation project as part of the Transit Project Assessment Process (TPAP). At the meeting, Metrolinx provided new project data and renderings of the proposed guideway and berm. It was great to see engaged and passionate residents attend the meeting to learn more about the project, to ask questions and provide comments. To view the presentation and materials from the meeting, please click here.

Davenport_Diamond_Petition_team.jpgA coalition of nine different community groups have come together and wrote an Open Letter to Metrolinx outlining the issues and concerns that they have with the Davenport Diamond Grade Separation project. Prior to the letter being written, I convened a meeting between them and City staff to discuss this project and to see what issues and concerns are in alignment. The letter articulates a strong and united community voice on this issue and you can read it by clicking here.

Additionally, a petition has been created which is addressed to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario calling for the Province and Metrolinx to meet the requirements of the Davenport community as outlined in the Open Letter. The petition presents a clear community vision for this project. MPP Martins will be reading the petition in the Legislature. Community groups will be collecting petitions across our community over the next few weeks and I encourage you to sign it when you have the opportunity. I also have a copy of the petition at my office that you are able to sign. To view the petition, please click here.

As Metrolinx continues to move forward with this project, I will continue to work with local residents' groups, elected representatives, City staff, and Metrolinx to advocate for our community and to ensure that our community receives the best possible outcome from this project.

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