Community Council Lowers Speed on Local Roads to 30km/h


At a special meeting of Toronto and East York Community Council on June 22nd, my colleagues and I voted unanimously to reduce the speed limit from 40 km/h to 30 km/h on all local roads (residential streets). (View the staff report) I supported this initiative in light of the many Ward 18 residents who contacted me in support of this proposal, coupled with the evidence presented in this 2012 Toronto Public Health report on improving walking and cycling in Toronto.

Creating safer neighbourhoods and protecting our children is something that is extremely important to me. We need to make sure we are doing everything we can to ensure our children and community members can enjoy the outdoors, walk to school and enjoy our neighbourhoods safely. All of the evidence has shown that lower speed limits help to reduce pedestrian injuries and fatalities.

The changes that will take place in our community are represented on the map of Ward 18, posted above:


  • Speed limits will be reduced from 40km/h to 30km/h on the roads represented with a dashed black line (e.g. Rusholme Rd, Armstrong Ave and Franklin Ave).
  • Roads represented by thick grey lines are arterials (e.g. Dufferin St, Lansdowne Ave, College St and Dupont St) and speed limits on these roads will not change.
  • Roads represented by solid black lines already have a 30km/h speed limit (e.g. Lappin Ave, St. Clarens Ave, Beaconsfield Ave) and speed limits on these roads will not change.
  • Remaining thin grey lines are either laneways or collectors and speed limits on these roads will not change.

The City of Toronto will need to invest the necessary $1.1 million to implement the changes and this would be paid for through the 2016 Budget process. The changes will begin to occur in September 2015 and I look forward to seeing full implementation over the next two years.

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