Closure of Dufferin Street Bridge Over Rail Corridor

Closure Date: June 12, 2013 Opening of temporary bridge: To be determined


Effective June 12, 2013 at 9:00 a.m. the City of Toronto will be closing the Dufferin Street Bridge over the GO Transit/Metrolinx Rail Corridor, south of Springhurst Ave. The bridge will be closed to all vehicular traffic. While the existing structure has been found to be unsafe for vehicular traffic, it is safe for pedestrians and cyclists, who will continue to have access to the bridge until further notice. The existing bridge will be demolished and a temporary bridge providing access for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists will replace it as soon as possible. A new permanent bridge will be constructed, beginning in 2016. A further update will be provided as soon as more information on the timing of the installation of the temporary crossing is available.

Traffic Disruptions Vehicular traffic will be required to detour around the closure. Signage advising of the Dufferin Street Bridge closure will be placed on the street network to allow motorists to choose alternate routes. Your co-operation and patience during the closure period will be appreciated. Contact Us Jodie Atkins Project Manager 416-392-9183 [email protected] Danny Budimirovic Acting Manager, Traffic Operations 416-392-5209 [email protected]   Photos of Dufferidge

historic dufferin bridgehistoric dufferin bridge


Frequently Asked Questions Q1. Why is the bridge being closed?

The City of Toronto is planning to replace the  Dufferin Street Bridge over the Metrolinx/GO Transit Rail Corridor as part of a larger project that also includes replacement of the Dufferin Street Gardiner Expressway Underpass.  This large project is anticipated to commence in 2016.  The City recently requested an updated assessment of the existing structure to determine if the bridge can remain open to vehicles and/or pedestrians until the planned replacement.  As a result of this assessment from our engineering consultants, we have determined that the bridge has deteriorated and it is necessary to close the bridge to vehicular traffic for safety reasons.

Q2. Where is the bridge located?

The bridge is at the south end of Dufferin Street, and crosses the Metrolinx/GO Transit Rail Corridor, just north of the Canadian National Exhibition Grounds.

Q3. How long will it be closed for?

The existing bridge will be closed until a temporary bridge can be put in place. The date for the opening of the temporary bridge is still to be determined.  Once constructed, the temporary crossing will remain in place until the permanent replacement is constructed commencing in 2016.

Q4. Will the temporary bridge be for vehicles, or only pedestrians?

The temporary bridge will be for all types of traffic including cars, trucks, buses, pedestrians, cyclists etc.

Q5. Will pedestrians and cyclists be impacted?

Pedestrians and cyclists will still be able to access the existing Dufferin Street Bridge.

Q6. How much will it cost to replace the bridge?

The estimated cost for replacement of both the Dufferin Street Bridge over the Metrolinx/Go Transit Rail Corridor and the Gardiner Expressway Underpass is $17 to $20 million, which appears in the City's capital budget. The city has the flexibility to accommodate emergency projects such as this when they arise. The cost for the temporary crossing currently being determined.

Q7. What is the city doing while the new bridge is built?

Signs are in place to inform the public about the closure. Until the temporary bridge is completed, traffic management plans, including adjusted signal times, will be in place to help ease congestion in the area. Residents and businesses in the area of the bridge will be notified in a timely manner about details of the installation of the temporary bridge.

Q8. How can I get to the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) grounds?

The CNE remains open during the work on the Dufferin Street Bridge. The area can be accessed from the north via Strachan Avenue or via Jameson Avenue and Lake Shore Boulevard West. The area is also served by GO Transit (Exhibition Station), and the TTC (511 Bathurst Street).

Q9.  Will traffic on the Gardiner Expressway be impacted by the work on this bridge?

There will be no impact to traffic on the Gardiner Expressway during installation of the temporary crossing.

Q10.  Are events at the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) still taking place while the bridge is closed?

YES!  All events at the CNE will take place as usual.  Public transit is a great way to access the CNE and vehicular access is possible from Lake Shore Boulevard at British Columbia Road, Ontario Drive, or Newfoundland Drive, and from Strachan Avenue at Manitoba Drive and through the Princes' Gates.

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