Bloor-Lansdowne Station Metrolinx Connections

As you know, over the past several years I have been working diligently with the community to ensure that we receive the benefits we need as Metrolinx, the provincial transit agency, advances its transit renewal program that has and will continue to have significant impacts upon our community. While we all support and want to see public transit renewal it has also been our position that we need to see direct benefits to our community as this transit renewal occurs. Many of you will remember my work with you as we ensure that Metrolinx included important connections associated with these transit projects for our community. Recently, when Metrolinx seemed to be reconsidering its commitments with respect to connections, I ensured that the transit agency would follow through on the promises they had made to us. This included direct meetings, including on-site, with the President of Metrolinx and advocacy by our City staff with Metrolinx officials. I am pleased to confirm that Metrolinx has issued its clear commitment to fund the connections they promised. This will include the planning, design and delivery of the three pedestrian connections I have been working to ensure are delivered as promised.

The three connections are: 
1) Bloor-Lansdowne Station to the north part of the public realm of the Davenport Diamond;
2) Bloor-Lansdowne Station to the Junction area through Dora Avenue and Sterling Road;
3) Bloor-Lansdowne Station to the West Toronto Rail Path.

I will continue to ensure that Metrolinx fulfils its commitments to our community and thank all of you for your continued support.

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