Bloor Dufferin TDSB Lands Update

Bloor Dufferin TDSB Lands Update

As many of you know, the Toronto Lands Corporation (TLC), the real estate arm of the Toronto District School Board (TDSB), is proceeding with the sale of the Bloor Dufferin TDSB Lands. The open bidding period in the Request for Proposals has now closed and the TLC is beginning its review of submitted proposals.

Throughout the sale process I have fought for the priorities set out by our community. Recently, a coalition of residents and community stakeholders have come together with a petition advocating for the priorities of our community in addition to the community building goals that I have been advocating for. These city-building priorities include the need for affordable housing; child care spaces; the preservation of green space; community events spaces; heritage preservation; reinvestment in the school uses on site, and a comprehensive community hub for service and arts organizations. The petition echoes what many residents and community members have said during consultations spanning the last three years, and I fully support it.

I have also written to Daryl Sage, CEO of the Toronto Lands Corporation and made clear that there is a big and important difference between the highest and best use of the site and the speculative value of the site. Any redevelopment of the Bloor Dufferin School Lands must take into consideration the character and heritage of our community. I am also in the process of reaching out to the Province to echo our community's concerns and the importance of having them contribute funding to our community hub.

I will continue to keep you updated on this important matter and will continue to advocate for the voice of our community as the sale process moves forward. You can review my previous updates regarding the Bloor Dufferin TDSB Lands by clicking here.

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