Bloor Dufferin Lands Meeting Summary and Update

A meeting was held on June 20, 2016 to discuss the future of the Toronto District School Board's Bloor-Dufferin School Lands with members of the public. Thank you to all who attended the meeting and to those who submitted their feedback on this important community building opportunity. During the meeting a presentation was given reviewing the process and details of the TDSB's work to consolidate these surplus lands and develop a community hub. The feedback received at the meeting, online, in writing and through our offices will inform the next steps taken to transform the 7.3 acre site.

The meeting was overseen by the independent Swerhun Facilitation Team who have prepared a summary report of the meeting which includes the discussions and materials presented and the feedback received through all mediums. An abbreviated summary of the community feedback includes:

  • There is concern that the sale of this 7.3 acre public asset will result in the site being largely privatized, with proceeds of the sale leaving the community. There is also concern that students from Bloor CI and ALPHA II Alternative School will be in a substandard building when they move to the renovated Brockton.

  • Based on the above concerns, participants expressed significant interest in seeing a meaningful process for community participation in decisions related to the future development of the 7.3 acres of surplus lands, the community hub and public spaces, and the renovation of Brockton.

  • Participants also expressed significant interest in seeing the redevelopment include a wide range of uses that would benefit the local community, including community uses, affordable housing, affordable community space, better connections, green and park space, safety for pedestrians and cyclists, maintenance of heritage, thriving small businesses, and
    a mix of uses.

I share these concerns and the interests of our community. As mentioned in my previous update, my commitment for any development or changes on the Bloor-Dufferin Lands is centered on these key principles:

  • The preservation of as much green space as possible;
  • The preservation and expansion of child care spaces;
  • The need for affordable housing to be included as part of any development on the site;
  • That any proposed development fits with the character of the neighbourhood;
  • The preservation of the heritage aspects of the site; and
  • The need for community services, uses, and a community hub to be created on the site itself.

I will continue to work with community members, the TDSB and the Province of Ontario as the TLC moves forward with the sale process to ensure that any plan on this site meets these goals to best serve our community interests. 

To review the full meeting summary prepared by the Swerhun Facilitation Team, please click here. To review the appendix files which include plans for the Brockton CI renovations and copy of the presentation given at the meeting, please click here

Thank you to those who took the time to provide their feedback and be a part of the process. I look forward to continuing our work with you as we move forward on this important community building opportunity.

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