Bloor-Dufferin Community Hub Information Session Meeting Update

On December 8, 2016, the Province of Ontario announced $20M in funding to support a new high school and a community hub at the Bloor-Dufferin TDSB Redevelopment Site. To support the community to identify priorities and goals for the Community Hub, the City and Province invited community based organizations to form an independent, voluntary, and time limited "Community Hub Visioning Group" that will:

  1. Ensure that community groups are meaningfully engaged in the planning for a potential Bloor-Dufferin community hub; and
  2. Develop a vision and governance and service framework for a potential community hub at Bloor-Dufferin.

The visioning group process is being run by an independent facilitator and is being supported by City and Provincial staff. I have highlighted the importance to them that there needs to be robust public consultation with residents and underrepresented community groups including small not-for-profit arts organizations.

At my urging, the City of Toronto hosted a public information session earlier this week on next steps for envisioning a Community Hub for the Bloor-Dufferin Revitalization Site. The meeting was an opportunity to hear about and discuss:

  • The process and next steps for developing a community hub vision for Bloor-Dufferin, and how the local community will be engaged;
  • Residents' initial ideas about the community hub and how it should work.

There was some great discussions and City staff are currently preparing a meeting summary for public distribution. I will be sharing that summary with you once it is ready. If you have any questions about the site, please do not hesitate to reach out to my office at 416-392-7012. 

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