Bike Share Toronto Arrives in Ward 18

I am happy to announce that Bike Share Toronto is opening 15 new stations in Ward 18, including one at the Bloor GO/UP Station, over the next two weeks. As Toronto Bike Share expands with over 120 news stations across the city, moving into Ward 18, with the third highest bike usage in Toronto, just makes sense. 

The addition of this new infrastructure helps to transform the Bloor GO/UP Station into a true multimodal transit hub for residents who need a quick way to get around, or for those who visit our Ward's shops and attractions. Located on the West Toronto Railpath, users will be able to take advantage of this great (and soon to be extended!) piece of cycling infrastructure to connect them to their destinations. Click on the map below for a close up look at all of Ward 18's new stations.

These efforts to expand cycling access and facilities in Ward 18 are important steps in promoting active transportation. By incorporating cycling into our daily commute, we benefit both from a reduction in congestion on our streets and from the positive health impacts we gain from in our daily commutes.

I look forward to working with residents as we continue to expand Bike Share Toronto in Ward 18 and across. It's also Bike Month this June so there's no better time to add cycling to your transportation mix. Happy Riding!

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