Automated Speed Enforcement Cameras

Automated Speed Enforcement Cameras
Speeding is a top concern of residents across Ward 9. In December, the City of Toronto began installing Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE) cameras and signage on Toronto streets in an effort to increase road safety, reduce speeding and raise public awareness about the need to slow down and obey posted speed limits. The City is in the process of installing 50 cameras across Toronto (2 per Ward), with locations having been selected based on data that indicated where speed and collision challenges exist in Community Safety Zones near schools in Toronto. Moving forward, I will be working with communities to identify areas to install ASE's and keep our communities safe.

Under provincial rules, the City must warn drivers and raise awareness about ASE in advance of laying any charges, the City also launched a 90-day public education campaign that includes issuing warning letters to speeding drivers in lieu of tickets. Warning signage will be installed in each ward to inform drivers as they approach an ASE camera.

ASE tickets are expected to start being issued to speeding drivers in the spring of 2020 at the end of the 90-day public education campaign. If a vehicle exceeds the posted speed limit in an ASE-enforced area, a ticket will be mailed to the registered plate holder. Offenders are only fined – no demerit points will be applied.

The two locations selected in Ward 9 are:

• Caledonia Road between Rogers Road and Corby Avenue
• Gladstone Avenue between Cross Street and Waterloo Avenue

More information about the City's Automated Speed Enforcement program is available at

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