321 Dovercourt Modular Housing Site

I was pleased to announce today the official opening of our City's second modular housing site, this time located within our own Davenport community at 321 Dovercourt Road. Modular housing is a new program based on other cities' successful experiences that we have now commenced here in Toronto. It is a program that was approved as part of our Housing TO 2020-2030 approved in Dec. 2019 to provide safe and stable homes in a supportive environment to those who have experienced homelessness. The pandemic only served to heighten the urgency of moving this program forward to ensure that we assist as many people as possible in the shortest of time. Modular housing achieves these goals. Additional sites will be announced soon as we work to assist the most vulnerable in our City with the most basic needs; a safe, secure, and stable place to call home. Modular housing provides more dignified housing with more support and is more cost-effective than reliance upon emergency shelter spaces.

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