ULI Bloor-Dundas Neighbourhood Study

The Urban Land Institute (ULI Toronto) is launching a unique mid-career leadership program for professionals working in the broader land use/city building realm. Led by former Toronto Chief Planner, Paul Bedford, 30 professionals spanning from architecture, urban planning and design, civil engineering and public infrastructure, law, finance, marketing and development will explore the precinct of the city centered by the intersection of Bloor and Dundas streets.

The area of study will straddle Wards 14 & 18, north to Dupont & Annette, east to Landsdowne, west to Parkside & Keele, and south to Howard Park and Dundas St. W. While the outputs of this educational endeavor are theoretical, the exercise presents a real world opportunity for local communities to interact with city builders to consider the future of our local neighbourhoods - how to protect, enhance and shape the development and infrastructure pressures that will define their futures.

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