Transit Relief for Downtown West?


In my recent response on the Scarborough Subway debate, I said:

"I am now working to turn Council's attention to the downtown relief line and addressing the local circumstances and preferences of downtown west. 

Our local circumstance is that we have the existing Georgetown rail corridor and our local preference is to electrify this corridor and to increase local service as soon as possible. I am pleased that our TTC Chair will be bringing my proposal to investigate the feasibility of using the Georgetown GO Transit Corridor as a western Downtown Relief Line to the next TTC meeting."

Today Chair Karen Stintz moved our motion at the TTC board meeting:

"That TTC CEO Andy Byford initiate discussions with appropriate Metrolinx staff to determine the feasibility of using the Georgetown and Lakeshore East Transit GO Transit corridors for the Downtown Relief Line, as part of the Downtown Relief Line environmental assessment." 

The motion passed and I look forward to the outcome of CEO Byford's discussions.

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