Toronto Biennale of Art


In 2017, Canada is going to be 150 years old and I believe that it would be fantastic to celebrate this with a Toronto Biennale of Art. A biennale would consist of a large-scale, multi-month arts event showcasing the amazing contemporary visual art being created and curated in Toronto, and all across our country.

Two local distinguished members of the arts community, Patrizia Libralato and Melony Ward approached me some months ago with this idea and I am happy to support their vision. At the July City Council meeting a motion was approved to receive a report on the feasibility of hosting a Toronto Biennale of Art as a key feature of Toronto's 2017 celebrations. It would provide a great opportunity to showcase Toronto to the world as a global arts and culture destination.

Research has shown that having an active arts scene in Toronto has economic, social, and community benefits for Torontonians. There is a great tradition of the arts in Toronto and I look forward to working with Councillor Wong-Tam, Mayor Tory, Patrizia Libralato, Melony Ward, and others who are working to make this a reality.

You can find out more about this initiative from a recent article in the Toronto Star. 

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