Statement on Ontario's $92 Million Investment to Retrofit Social Housing Buildings

For Immediate Release

February 12, 2016

Toronto's Housing Advocate, Councillor Ana Bailão Welcomes the

Province's Investment of $92 Million to Retrofit Social Housing Buildings

"As Toronto's Housing Advocate, I welcome the Province of Ontario's investment of $92 million from the Green Investment Fund for energy retrofits of social housing buildings.

This investment comes at an important time and addresses two key City priorities: affordable housing and climate change.

Our social housing providers face huge capital repair backlogs that have social, economic, and also environmental impacts.

The reality is that the majority of Toronto's social housing stock is over 50 years old, built at a time and with materials that do not reflect today's energy efficiency standards.

Toronto Community Housing has also seen its utility costs increase by 37 per cent in just the last 5 years, creating an enormous pressure on its operating budget.

This investment from the Province will help to address these issues and builds on the work that the City has been doing to improve the quality of life of our social housing residents and in accelerating energy retrofits.

We understand how important these retrofits are, because the energy consumed in Toronto's social housing buildings generates 23 per cent of the city's residential greenhouse gas emissions.

The economic, social, and environmental benefits of making this investment are clear to me. It will improve Toronto's affordable housing stock, reduce carbon emissions for the City, and lower utility costs for social housing providers.

Toronto has also been recognized internationally for our leadership on the environment and I am proud that our own efforts are supporting and complimenting the Province's ambitious climate change goals.

I look forward to continuing to work with the Province to tackle these challenges and to ensure that we have a healthier and more vibrant Toronto and Ontario."

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For more information on the program, please see the Ministry of Municipal Affairs & Housing's News Release:

Media Contact:

Robert Cerjanec, Executive Assistant to Councillor Ana Bailão


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