Salem & Westmoreland Parkettes Final Concept Plan

We are very excited to be taking another leap forward in the process of improving Salem & Westmoreland Parkettes. 

We have incorporated the feedback from our February 5th public meeting and produced a "final concept plan" (pictured below). This plan builds on elements from Concept A and Concept B that were presented at our meeting, and it incorporates the changes which residents suggested during discussion. 

Residents are invited to provide comments and any suggestions for further revision until Wednesday, March 25th, by way of reply to this email or by calling 416-392-7012.

Thank you to everyone who was able to participate in this process and we look forward to having you involved in the months ahead!

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  • Devin Dziadyk
  • Marc Chiasson
  • Tammy Thorne
  • José Francisco Schuster
  • James Gardner
  • Anna Withrow
  • Jonathan Knowles
  • Bart Kawula
  • Colin MacDonald
  • Shannon Languay

Devin Dziadyk just joined.

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