• Rare laneway housing proposed


    Novae Res Urbis Toronto Edition (Vol. 18, No. 4)

    Rear Window: By Edward LaRusic

    A new proposal near the... Read More

  • City of Toronto crews begin cleanup of ice storm debris in city parks


    With the removal of ice storm tree debris from city streets well underway, some cleanup crews will move to city parks. Approximately 70 per cent... Read More

  • Bloordale residents want independent stores to lead gentrification


    By   Global News

    TORONTO – Small business owners within Bloordale Village are leading the charge towards gentrification while still... Read More

  • City of Toronto wants input on ways to support new immigrants


    The City of Toronto, in partnership with Ontario Coalition of Agencies Serving Immigrants (OCASI), will be hosting two Open Dialogue sessions designed to start a conversation... Read More

  • Christmas Tree Pickup Delay

    XmasTreePickup.jpgWard 18 Residents have contacted my office because Christmas tree pickup did not take place on the scheduled day. Many areas in the City... Read More

  • Frozen Water Pipes

    frozen-pipes.jpgIf you turn on your taps and have no water, the pipes in your home may be frozen. You may want to contact a licensed... Read More

  • McCormick Recreation Centre Flooding


    Users of McCormick Recreation Centre at 66 Sheridan Avenue in Ward 18 should note that there was flooding in the group fitness room.

    Water seeped... Read More

  • Seeking Shelter - NRU Publishing

    "But while the mayor has not made housing a top priority, other councillors, like Ana Bailão, who chairs the affordable housing committee, are working to make change."