• COVID-19 - April 3 Update

    The Ontario Government released extensive COVID-19 modelling, revealing several scenarios that project the potential number of cases and deaths across the province.

    Ontario is estimated to have between 3 to... Read More

  • COVID-19 - April 2 Update

    Mayor John Tory has signed a new bylaw legally requiring physical distancing of 2 meters in City parks and public squares. This applies to persons who are not from the... Read More

  • COVID-19 - April 1 Update

    The City of Toronto and the Provincial Government have provided further updates stressing the necessity of staying at home. Witnessing what is occurring in other cities across the world reinforces... Read More

  • COVID-19 - March 31 Update

    I recognize that one of the most pressing challenges for many people at this time is rent payments, many of which are due April 1st, the first due date since... Read More

  • COVID-19 - March 30 Update

    As we head into another week of practicing physical distancing, requiring self-isolation, I hope everyone is managing as best as they can during this challenging time. By following the directions... Read More

  • COVID-19 - March 27 Update

    This morning, the Prime Minister made a major announcement with respect to supporting small to medium businesses during this extremely challenging time. More details will become available early next week... Read More

  • COVID-19 - March 26 Update

    I would like to thank everyone in our community as we work together to meet the challenges of the Covid-19 emergency.  By practicing physical distancing and supporting each other in... Read More

  • COVID-19 - March 25 Update

    Today there were a number of important announcements from all levels of government as we work to meet the challenge of the Covid-19 public health emergency.

    The Federal government announced... Read More

  • COVID-19 - March 24 Update

    Today the province introduced further restrictions on non-essential businesses and their need to close for 14 days. 

    I joined with Mayor John Tory in announcing that Toronto Community Housing is... Read More

  • COVID-19 - March 23 Update

    I know this has been a challenging time for all of us and the Covid-19 public health situation is evolving each day. Your City, provincial and federal governments are making... Read More

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