Dufferin Peel Park Designs

October 2015 Update - The landscape architects working on the project have shared with me the current concept for Dufferin Peel Park. To view the updated concept in more detail, please click the below image. 


My office hosted our third design meeting for the new park at Peel and Dufferin on July 23rd, 2014. Below you will find images of Concepts A & B.  

1. The meeting consensus was a general endorsement of Concept B as the preferred design direction, with the following modifications: Create a wider Central Green/Lawn and; Create a narrower Terrace at the base of the building fronting onto the Non-Residential Space.

2. Elements from Concept A to be considered: Incorporate the layout and accessibility of the Dufferin Boulevard treatment from Concept A into Concept B to the extent possible and; Wood Stepped Seating from Concept A may be incorporated into Concept B to the extent possible.

3. Belvedere overlook, connecting stairs and Wood Stepped Seating at the Rail Path was well received.

4. Included landscape features that extend the season will be appreciated; e.g. dark coloured concrete benches referenced.

Any materials issued for the New City Park after August 1st will be posted on the City of Toronto Parks and Recreation website.

The Final Detailed Design is to be completed approximately first week of September 2014. The Final Detailed Design will be posted on City of Toronto Parks and Recreation website.

If you would like to be included in the final round of design revisions, please email councillor_bailao@toronto.ca

Concept A








Concept B







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