Moving Forward on Housing this National Housing Day

On November 22, we recognized National Housing Day, a call to action to improve the housing conditions in Toronto and across Canada. I took part in an event at the Church of the Holy Trinity to pay my respects at the Toronto Homeless Memorial and to thank the individuals and organizations that play a vital role in creating safe, secure and affordable housing including those who advocated for a National Housing Strategy. I also wrote an op-ed in Torontoist to highlight the opportunity for the first time in more than a generation to change direction and move forward with positive actions and a people-focused approach on housing to improve housing for all Torontonians. You can read my op-ed here

The federal government released "What We Heard," a summary and analysis report of the consultations and feedback the Federal Government heard from Canadians as they develop their long term National Housing Strategy, to be released in 2017. This fall, I was pleased to submit on behalf of City Council, Toronto's submission to the National Housing Strategy with a comprehensive set of 6 strategic recommendations and 25 recommended actions that the Federal government can take to help address Canada’s housing crisis. You can view the City of Toronto's submission to the National Housing strategy at

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