MOCA's Plans in the Junction Triangle

Last month, I had the opportunity to take part in the Museum of Contemporary Art_Toronto_Canada's (MOCA) announcement of the date of their grand opening, their strategic platform, and what they have in store for their first year of exhibitions. With a new name and an ambitious plan, MOCA will initially be occupying the first five floors of the ten-story Tower Automotive Building (Auto BLDG) in the Junction Triangle at 158 Sterling Rd.

As part of the 40-year partnership between the Museum and Castlepoint Numa, the developers of the site, the Auto BLDG will be renovated and revitalized to meet the needs of a modern museum both inside and out. With new occupants, this century old landmark of our community's rich industrial heritage is guaranteed to remain a vital part of Ward 18.

The first floor of the building will be transformed into what is envisioned as an outdoor Greek theatre, where events can performances can take place. The second and third floors will be transformed to house the MOCA's own 400-piece permanent art collection and to feature new works. The fourth floor will create a new work space with integration and connections to specialized archives for contemporary art and artists. Finally on the fifth floor the Museum offices and a rehearsal space for artists will top off the institution. 

A new neighbourhood will also be taking shape on the 158 Sterling Rd site, bringing with it new jobs, new affordable housing, a new child care centre, and a new park. Please join me in welcoming our new neighbours and wishing them success as they embark on a new chapter in Ward 18. To read more about MOCA's plans please click here.

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