McCormick Recreation Centre Flooding


Users of McCormick Recreation Centre at 66 Sheridan Avenue in Ward 18 should note that there was flooding in the group fitness room.

Water seeped in from the roof of the building. A contractor was installing an HVAC system on the roof (in order to provide air conditioning during the summer months) and failed to properly re-seal the roof. With the recent ice-storm and subsequent warmer weather this weekend, the flooding became severe and resulted in the need to move group fitness classes.

Facilities staff at Toronto Parks, Forestry and Recreation are working hard to fix the problem, however there will be no group fitness classes in the group fitness room until this issue can be fully resolved. In the interim, fitness classes will take place in the youth lounge.

If this is not a suitable arrangement we will be happy to extend your pass once the programs return to the fitness room, or refund the remaining portion of your pass. Please contact Christopher Coombes at if you would like to discuss your options.

I will endeavor to provide more updates as new information comes available.

If you have further questions or concerns about this issue, feel free to contact Nicholas Gallant in my office at 416-338-5275 or

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