Lisgar Park

New Park: Lisgar Park

As part of an agreement with new planning initiatives on Queen Street West, a new public park is coming to the area. Currently called Lisgar Park, this new green space will be a hub for arts, culture and community events for the area.

To ensure that community interests are incorporated into the park design, a Working Group has been created with residents, local business owners, community organizations and City Staff to develop plans for the park.

At the second public meeting on the park design process, residents, business owners, City staff and park designers met to discuss three potential park designs, each offering  different opportunities for public use and artistic programming.

Members present then had the opportunity to break into groups and discuss what design characteristics were favoured, and which raised concerns. This information has been taken by by park designers to create new models which preserve these favoured items and modify the less favourable characteristics.

While each park design offered different benefits, all residents believed in the need for ample seating areas, thorough tree and green space planting, and designs which broadly favour social gathering a community connection.

Due to the artistic and cultural nature of the Queen street area surrounding the new park location, a central interest in the creation of this park is to provide opportunities of exhibiting artistic presentations within the park.

The next public meeting will present a park design or designs which merge together the many suggestions of residents from the previous meetings. Residents will then have the opportunity to influence these new designs as the process comes nearer to achieving a final design for the park.

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