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Dear Neighbour,

To date, community members have played a major role in defining this centre, from its layout, to the type of programming that will be offered once it opens.  After the successful Request for Proposals, which was undertaken by City staff, early this year, operation of the facility was awarded to Christie Ossington Neighbourhood Centre.In early 2016, residents in the Junction Triangle neighbourhood will welcome a new 5,000 square foot community centre, at Edwin Ave and Ruskin Ave.  This community centre was made possible through Section 37, or community benefit funds, which resulted from the Wallace Walk development that is currently being built at 362 Wallace Ave.

Community members have also suggested that the building could be named after a famous local. Part of this process requires that a petition supporting the naming request be sent to City staff for review.

Thus far, the idea of naming the community centre after the legendary Heavyweight Boxer, George Chuvalo, has been discussed among community members, and has received a lot of support with over 100 signatures already collected. Chuvalo was born into a working class immigrant family on Hook Avenue in 1937. He attended St. Rita’s School and his mom worked at Symington and Dupont for Royce Dupont Chicken Packers. He lived, worked, and trained in the community for many years before becoming one of the most famous Canadians in the world. 

Famous for boxing matches against greats like Muhammad Ali, Chuvalo later reached a new audience with his first hand accounts of the toll that drug abuse had taken on his family and his passion to make sure young people never see drugs as an answer to their problems. Despite his age, Chuvalo still travels extensively to teach youth about the benefits of a healthy mind, body and life. He still has many friends in the community and is a member of the Boxing Hall of Fame and the Order Of Canada.

If you wish to support the proposal to name the new community centre after George Chuvalo, I ask that you take a moment to sign the below petition I have prepared. 


Ana Bailão
City Councillor
Ward 18, Davenport

We, the undersigned residents of the Junction Triangle neighbourhood in Ward 18, Davenport, request that the General Manager, Parks, Forestry, and Recreation consider naming the new community centre at 362 Wallace Avenue, after George Chuvalo. 

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