First Laneway Suites Community Meeting Held by the City

On November 30, 2017, the City Planning Division hosted a community meeting on Changing Lanes: The City of Toronto's Review of Laneway Suites, as a result of the motion that I moved with Councillor McMahon earlier this summer at the Toronto and East York Community Council. The meeting was held to introduce the idea of laneway suites, communicate the scope of the City's review process and to receive initial comments on bringing laneway suites to Toronto. Over 250 people attended the meeting and provided constructive and thoughtful comments to inform and guide the City's review of Laneway Suites. Thank you to those who attended. If you did not have a chance to attend, you can download the two files below for more information on what was presented. Please note that the files are large PDFs so it is recommended that you download them over wi-fi.

There will be additional consultation meetings scheduled in early 2018 as City staff continue their internal review, consideration and development of a laneway suites strategy. I encourage you to provide any feedback you might have on laneway suites by downloading this comment form and sending it to George Pantazis with the City of Toronto at 

Changing Lanes

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