Davenport Easter Egg Hunt!

Each year, we come together as a community for the beloved Easter Egg Hunt in Dufferin Grove Park. It's an opportunity to gather as friends and neighbours to enjoy the warming weather and each other's company. This year, while we are not able to come together for our Easter Egg Hunt, we can still celebrate together online, from the comfort of our own homes.

Because of the challenges we are facing this year, let's try something a little different and share our celebrations online through a #DavenportEggHunt social media community event!

Let's bring our families, friends and neighbours together to draw, colour or create our very own eggs and then put them on your windows or porches for your neighbours to see. If you take a photo and tag me on social media @AnaBailaoTO using the hashtag #DavenportEggHunt, I will be sure to share it with the whole community!

Attached below are Easter Egg pages you can print, colour and put on your window so that all our neighbours can see while they safely walk through our neighbourhoods.


1. Click a link below
2. Right-click the image and click save image as...
3. Save to your computer and print
4. Colour the egg and post it online for everyone to see
5. Place your egg somewhere in your home where everyone else can see it! 

Easter Egg 1

Easter Egg 2

Easter Egg 3

Easter Egg 4

Easter Egg 5

Easter Egg 6

Easter Egg 7

Easter Egg 8

Easter Egg 9

Easter Egg 10

Remember to always practice proper physical distancing when you go out and to stay at home as much as possible. 

April 12, 2020 at 6pm - 9pm
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