Modernized Dufferin Station Completed and Open


Bright and early this morning I joined TTC CEO Andy Byford and his staff, neighbouring residents and daily commuters to celebrate the completion of our Dufferin Station Modernization project.


This renewed Ward 18 community landmark will serve as a transportation hub, meeting place, shelter from the elements and connection to the rest of our great city.


TTC CEO Andy Byford took the time to explain to me and station commuters all the ways in which Dufferin Station has been improved through this modernization project. We also spoke about the improvements that have come to the Dufferin bus route as a result of the new articulated buses and enhanced presence of route supervisors. Although bus bunching has not been eliminated, the situation has improved and we will continue working to improve Dufferin bus service.


I worked to ensure that improvements would better serve the community in which Dufferin Station is placed. Public space improvements were undertaken along with local BIAs, thereby improving the streetscape outside of the station as well as the station itself.

Accessibility improvements inside and outside of the station were also a key focus. We now have a fully accessible station and that the entire TTC system will be made accessible by 2025.


Local residents were very pleased with the improvements and these neighbours from Russett Ave appreciated the new laneway access, between Dufferin and Russett, to the north of the modernized station.


I will continue working to improve transit in our community and city-wide. Locally we will see accessibility improvements to Lansdowne Station begin in 2016. City-wide, I will be working with our new Mayor, fellow Councillors and other levels of government to fund and build new transit projects that will result in a transit system that brings a feeling of pride to Toronto residents.

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