Davenport Diamond Council Motion


Having previously informed you about Metrolinx plans to construct a large rail bridge on the east side of our Junction Triangle neighbourhood, I have taken quick follow up action to ensure that land-use planning and urban design considerations are par‎t of the EA process being carried out by Metrolinx.

Due to its height and bulk, this proposed bridge will create a significant impact on the surrounding, largely residential, neighbourhoods. The appropriate planning of this infrastructure must include measures to mitigate these impacts. Toronto's City Planning department has a critical role in diagnosing the potential impact to resident and community interests within the EA process, as well as identifying urban design opportunities afforded through the proposal. Among the significant concerns directly affecting city and community interests as a result of this proposal are: vibration, community division, land-use, visual/aesthetic issues, compromised land development opportunities and public safety concerns.

I have taken a strong position on this issue and said that City staff must have an opportunity to identify what new measures can be invoked to mitigate negative community impacts and foster better use of the transformed landscape. The pressure from my office and area residents, along with City staff expertise will help ensure that we maximize the positive local outcomes from this regional transportation project.

You can view my motion that was passed here

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