Councillor Bailão Statement RE: Arts and Cultural Space at 36 Lisgar Street

June 16, 2015

Councillor Bailão Statement RE: Arts and Cultural Space at 36 Lisgar Street

"There was a purchase agreement between the City, the developer and TMAC relating to the purchase of arts and cultural space at 36 Lisgar Street. The agreement had a deadline of May 3, 2015.

I have been advised that City staff very carefully reviewed the matter and did not extend the agreement. As a result, the agreement is at an end.

I deny the allegations made against me by TMAC. I have previously consulted with the Integrity Commissioner and am committed to continue to follow her advice.

I am advised by City staff that the City will be vigorously defending the matter. All of the facts will come out in due course.

As a strong supporter of the arts and the arts community, I assure you that I am and will continue to work alongside our local community, City Planning, Arts & Culture Services, and Legal Services to ensure that an arts and cultural space secured in the Section 37 Agreement does take shape.

I will fight to make sure that the space becomes a vibrant place for the arts in the West Queen West neighbourhood.

As a result of the legal proceeding, I am advised by the City's legal department to refrain from commenting further on the matter at this time."

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