Canadian Pacific Train Derailment

Since my election, I have been a strong advocate to improve rail safety in our community and for the removal of dangerous being transported through our densely populated urban centers. On August 21, a Canadian Pacific Train collided and derailed with another train along the CP rail corridor near Dupont and Spadina. As a result of the collision, approximately 1,100 litres of diesel fuel from the colliding locomotive was spilled onto the track area. Crews worked quickly to clean the spill and thankfully there were no serious injuries. This incident reinforces the need to make meaningful improvements in rail safety now.

We must continue to work with our Federal and Provincial governments to improve protections for communities living along rail corridors. I welcome the announcement from the Provincial Government this summer to begin stakeholder consultations to advance the "Missing Link" freight rail bypass. This project provides an unprecedented opportunity to move Canadian Pacific Rail's freight traffic off the CP tracks that run through Toronto. I also welcome Federal Minister of Transport Marc Garneau's expressed openness to enhanced rail safety measures and hisdetailed outline of current federal rail safety enhancements underway in response to the open letter that many City Councillors and Mayor Tory sent earlier this year calling for federal action. You can read the Minster Garneau's full response here.

While these measures represent a decisive start towards establishing sufficient protections for communities along rail lines, I will continue to advocate for further action on this important issue.

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