Campbell Park

Campbell Park Upgrades 

For those residents familiar with Campbell park, during the winter this park’s ice rink is well used by skaters and hockey players. Among the most popular and appreciated services are offered by a small kitchen in the rinkhouse, where Hot Chocolate and hotdogs are a welcomed treat after a game of shinny.  Unfortunately, the poor facilities of the small kitchenette severely limited the variety and amount of service that could be provided.  Working hard with City staff through the winter, we were able to include in the 2011 capital parks projects work to install new sinks and electrical units to support park staff in providing even better food service at Campbell.  Residents visiting inside the rinkhouse will also notice the new door which will improve access for Park staff to the kitchen.

These upgrades were recently showcased during a Campbell Park community dinner which had a great turnout. With over 100 residents attending throughout the evening, the event was a huge success. Special thanks to Michael Monastyrskyj, Yo Utano, Ava, Espe, Marina and the many staff who made this event so great. I look forward to many more.

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